Because Verizon sent both the Moto Z Force and the Moto Mod Speaker we have two boxes to take a look at today. The Moto Z Force comes In a unique box because it is officially a Droid phone, meaning it gets the Droid branding including the black box that stands out from all of the other phones at the store. With Lenovo picking up Motorola from Google they did also slip in their branding down in the corner as well, but beyond that the front of the box doesn’t have anything else on it. The back of the phone box has a list of everything included with the phone and then below that they mention hearing aid compatibility and then the rest of the box is covered in all of the trademarks and FCC information. The Moto Mods Soundboost speaker doesn’t keep things as simple. It has a black and orange background because orange is JBLs color. The front also has a photo of the speaker right on it. The back of the box has another photo of the speaker, but this time, it is showing off the flip out kickstand that is built in. Below that they just highlight a few key features. They also list what comes in the box and have a few technical specifications as well.

image 1

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Inside the Moto Z box, the phone sits right up on top. The phone has a plastic cover on it and then below the phone is the documentation and the accessories.

image 4

The Moto Mods Soundboost speaker sits in a tray inside of the box. It comes wrapped up in a plastic bag and on top of it is the included documentation.

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The Moto Z does come with a few accessories. The phone comes with a wood pattern backplate, an AC adapter for the USB Type c power connection, a sim card tool, and a small USB Type C adapter to headphone adapter. There is also a small box that has safety information and also a meet your phone guide from Verizon.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38196 20 Sep 2016 18:30
Today I check out the Moto Z Force Droid as well as the JBL Soundboost Moto Mod

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