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I’ll be honest when the Nabu’s came in I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Both my wife and I really aren’t fitness minded people, although we have been trying to be a little more mindful. I was really hoping that Razer would have a different spin on the whole idea of a lifestyle or fitness band. They did have some great ideas like the social sharing, but that feature would only really become useful if everyone was using a Nabu. For me I found the notifications to be the most helpful. For her being able to try her steps and sleeping. The ability to set silent alarms to wake yourself up without waking up your partner was also a nice feature but it was really buried in the apps settings making it hard for most people to find and use often.

As far as downsides to the Nabu go, the “biggest” issue was the lack of a large option. Overall the sizing of the Nabu was small leaving a big hole in their product line. Especially when you consider that gamers on average might be a little bigger. I also think it would be nice for the OLED screen to go back to the slightly larger size of the original Nabu even if it costs a little of the otherwise amazing battery life. The Nabu app worked well for the most part but there is still a need for a little more refinement. I feel like they could add more gamer focused features like achievements to really make this a Razer product. The last issue I had was that the Nabu is only water resistant. With something like this being attached to me all of the time and out in the open, I would feel a lot more comfortable if the device was completely waterproof.

In the end I feel like the Nabu is a good product but it does need a little more work. Almost all of the features are there, but when you start to compare it with products from the competition a lot of them have a lot more focus and do a better job at the same things the Nabu does. Razers advantage is the gaming focused nature of their company and I really feel like they missed out on taking advantage of that with the Nabu. Hopefully they keep at it, they are very close. Until then I will be here hoping for a way to get the Nabu to fit me and watching my wife rack up all of the steps without me! So should you pick one up? Well Razr has had a few sales recently, if you can get the Nabu at a good price it is still a good buy. If your focus on fitness though you might still benefit more by going with a Fitbit if you have friends or family who also have one.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37591 27 Jan 2016 22:25
Happy hump day everyone. Today I check out something a little different, the Nabu from Razer.

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