No big surprises here, a Razer product with a flat black and green theme on the packaging. The Nabu comes in a small box with a photo of the Nabu on the cover along with a silver Razer logo up in the top right corner. The back of the box has a photo of the band on an arm with all of its features highlighted with short descriptions on both sides of the arm. But really the most interesting thing on the back is the clear plastic layer. Both the smaller an larger model have it and each is size to give you a chance to make sure that the Nabu would fit. Being a solid band, not an adjustable band like a watch this is especially important and it is a great touch.

image 1

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Inside of the box is another box, only this one doesn’t have any of the marketing fluff on the outside and has a clean all black look with the Razer logo in the middle. The box opens up like a watch box and inside the Nabu sits, displayed in a formed tray. Speaking of trays, just under the Nabu is a small tray that slides out, inside Razer packed all of the documentation and accessories for the Nabu.

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For accessories you get a cable that is a little over a foot long to charge the band and a shorter link to allow for a little bit of size adjustment to get the perfect fit. For documentation you get a small manual with instructions on where to get the software, how to connect, and how to use the Nabu. There is also a small note from the Razer CEO on a semitransparent paper and then a colored Razer triple headed snake logo sticker.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37591 27 Jan 2016 22:25
Happy hump day everyone. Today I check out something a little different, the Nabu from Razer.

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