For testing I put both the VertiGo and the Sleevecase to use in my everyday activities. On top of that when we went on vacation this spring the bag and sleeve really came in handy. I found that in my every day use the Sleevecase was actually more than enough for me. I was able to fit my charging cable into the back pouch and go on my way without having to worry about my laptop getting damaged. When traveling the VertiGo bag made it easy to carry my laptop with us along with both of our tablets, chargers, and things that I would normally have in my pocket like keys and credit cards. This made it easy to toss the bag in a locker when we didn’t need it without having to pull things out of our pockets and show everyone what we were putting in the locker. Another really nice part about the VertiGo bag was the magazine pouch on the back side. When I travel I always print out conformations and tickets and take them with us, the magazine pouch was the perfect place to keep these things. The bag stayed with us when going in to check into a hotel and everything was easy to get into.

So how well did the Sleevecase fit the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro? Well when I first requested the bag from WaterField they didn’t have an option for the laptop, so the first Sleevecace they sent was a little big. After figuring things out the second case they sent fit perfectly. You can see both the original and the final bag below. Typically I wouldn’t even bother showing the original, but I really wanted to point out that WaterField made sure to fine tune everything to fit my laptop specifically. So if you don’t see your model listed, contact them. I bet they can still get you figured out. Speaking of how things fit. The Sleevecase still had a lot of room around it in the VertiGo, so if you are on vacation like I was you could still fit in a few souvenirs on top of your laptop and other important items.

image 15

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35028 16 Jun 2014 11:42
Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend. Today I take a look at a laptop sleeve and travel bag from WaterField, enjoy.

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