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To go with the Sleevecase I went with the VertiGo Travel Bag. WaterField makes a wide variety of shoulder bags ranging in price from $89 all the way up to $355. The VertiGo is the cheapest shoulder bag that they carry that supports laptops larger than the Macbook air. By going with the VertiGo I was able to keep the price down while still getting the styling that I really liked from the WaterField bags. It also matches my Sleevecase with its vertical orientation. The outside of the bag is constructed out of ballistic nylon with an accent strip across the front that is available in a whole list of colors and a few different materials. Our sample has nubock leather, if I had to do it again I might lean towards the muzetto brown leather or the orange to match my laptop. Anyhow the nubock still looks great and it breaks up the nylon with a little style.

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The exterior of the bag has a quick access front pocket just above the leather accent, a cell phone pocket on the right side, and on the back there is a pocket that is large enough to fit paperwork or a magazine. The one area that I would have loved to see improved on is the bottom of the bag. Although the ballistic nylon is more than strong enough to hold up to anything, I would have loved to see a leather area on the bottom of the bag like the Sleevecase has. It would add a little more styling to the bag overall.

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Inside the VertiGo is lined with a silky orange lining, the bright color actually seems to light up the inside of the bag making it easier to see down inside slightly. Along the front WaterField added small pouches for you to put business cards, pens, and even your credit cards for when you are traveling. The larger two pouches are actually big enough to drop in your phone or a wireless mouse. The rest of the interior is HUGE, especially for my laptop, so even with the Sleevecase inside you still have room to drop in other items. There is a small strap inside with a hook on the end of it, I assume this is for hooking your keys up somewhere that someone can’t snatch from your pocket. The only thing that you should keep in mind with the VertiGo Travel Bag is that the interior does not have padding so you will need to pair it with a Sleevecase if you plan on putting your laptop inside. Otherwise the bag is extremely well constructed and has a lot of room for carrying things when traveling.

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Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend. Today I take a look at a laptop sleeve and travel bag from WaterField, enjoy.

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