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What I went with to protect the Yoga 2 Pro is actually two products from WaterField. The first is the Sleevecase and the other is the VirtiGo. In this section I’m going to take a close look at the Sleevecase, a laptop pouch design to work on its own or inside of the VirtiGo.

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When ordering the Sleevecase you have a variety of options to tune the Sleevecase specifically to what you need. First you have to select what device you plan on using it with or if they don’t have your specific device you can also pick from different sizes. Once you lock that down you can pick from one of three colors for the bottom of the Sleevecase. For mine I went with brown leather but you can also get back leather and Lead Indium. You can decide if you want your laptop to slide in horizontal or vertical, they recommend vertical as it will make your laptop feel lighter when carrying it around, this is the direction I went as well. From there you have the option to add a flap as well as a shoulder strap for carrying.

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As I mentioned before, you could go with the standard design or add a flap. For mine I went simple and skipped out on the flap. That means I ended up with this inch+ wide strap that covers the end of the Sleevecase to make sure my laptop doesn’t come out. They covered the back side in Velcro, and on the end they added a small tab to make pulling the Velcro apart easier. This is also where you will find the WaterField logo, beyond this they keep the Sleevecase really clean and free of unneeded logos.

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On the back of the Sleevecase you get a pouch that you can put a few small accessories in if you are carrying just this case around. For me my charger fit in this perfectly, but it is a little tight so if your charger is a little larger you might run into issues.

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All in all the Sleevecase is a basic sleeve for your laptop, but it has more padding and protection than most other laptop bags. Add to that the leather base to prevent holes from turning up after years of use I have a feeling the Sleevecase will outlive this laptop and maybe my next.


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Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend. Today I take a look at a laptop sleeve and travel bag from WaterField, enjoy.

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