Often with limited edition or smaller production run products will just use a sticker over top of the original packaging to let you know that it is a different color, has a different option, or for keyboards has a different key layout. So it was a surprise to see that Cooler Master went all out with both colorways and has the correct color picture on the packaging on both the front and the back. Other than that, the packaging is the same as the original MM711’s which is simple on the front with just a few important details like the mouse weight, DPI (okay not as important), and the 20 million click switches. The model name is in a large easy to read font and there is a hint of the Cooler Master purple on the bottom and sides. The back has a second color picture with more features listed along with short descriptions on each.

image 1
image 2

Inside the mouse is kept in place with a folded up piece of cardboard and inside of a foam bag to help keep it from rubbing on everything. They kept things simple with just the mouse and a small nearly one page user manual. The mouse software can be downloaded online and those instructions are in the manual as well as hooking it up which as you would guess is plugging in the USB.

image 3
image 4


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