Overall and Final Verdict

While the MM711 isn’t actually what I use day to day on my main PC, it has been one of my favorite mice in the last few years along with the MM710 which is the same without the lighting. I’ve been using them with our LAN rigs even though this year has been a wash for LANs and I’ve recommended them multiple times. This is because Cooler Master listened to the enthusiast community and added the features that they have been modding mice with, including the holes to keep the weight down (I wonder if this would work on my body). The lightweight as well as the shape make this a comfortable mouse to use for long periods of time. Then the Ultraweave cord is so soft and flexible that it makes the mouse feel almost wireless when you are using it. The PTFE feel also helps with the smooth gliding as well.

My only complaint of the original MM711 was that the open design does open the mouse up to dust and dirt inside. With the colorways I can only add that overall that I love the colors, they look amazing. But the wilderness green wouldn’t be my first choice of greens, a richer green or a bright green would be my go-tos there. Now that they are adding colors, it only makes me want an orange MM711 even more. Seriously, LanOC orange is color code #ff6d00 let's see it!

Beyond that though, it's already an amazing mouse that isn’t priced too bad at $59.99. You can’t go wrong with adding colorways, especially the Blue Steel. Not only is it the best pose in the movie Zoolander, but it is also a great looking color.


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