The box for the K57 is sporting Corsairs bright yellow theme. It does have a large photo of the keyboard on the top which includes having the backlighting on. I am surprised though that Corsair doesn’t make the model name any larger. You can see it up on the top with a note about their Slipstream wireless tech next to it. Slipstream is also featured in the bottom right corner with a logo along with the iCue software logo as well. Around on the back, they have a second picture of the K57, only with the included wrist rest this time. There is also a line drawing that shows everything that comes in the box as well. There is also a short list of features that are repeated a few times in different languages.

image 10

image 11

Inside the board has the keyboard up on top wrapped in plastic. It sits on a cardboard layer that keeps all of the accessories and documentation up under. The tray does stick with that yellow theme and has a note “Play Through Whatever” written on it. You have a small bundle of documentation all together. This includes a black user guide, a warranty paper, and another with safety and compliance information. For accessories, the K57 comes with a full-length wrist rest and then the USB charging cable.

image 12

image 13

image 14

The wrist rest isn’t all that thick and it is molded in plastic. It attached with two clips and has three-inch and a half long rubber feet for a little extra traction. On the top side, it has a rubber finish with a golf ball like dimpled design.

image 15

image 16


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