So the K57 uses Corsair’s uCue software which most of Corsairs products also share. I had the chance to check it out with the Corsair K83 at the end of May. When you first get into the software it does check to see what firmware version the keyboard has and our K57 did prompt for an update. You have to plug it in via USB.

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Once updated iCue will list all of the Corsair devices you have installed. In this case, I just had the K57, but you can see how the home page would have other photos of other devices. It also notes if you have the keyboard hard wired or using wireless.

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Once you click on the K57 everything is on one page but with three tabs on the left that you can open up. The first one is the Actions tab. This is where you can reprogram keys and create macros. Macro creation can even use a recording button for quick use or you can use the dropdown where it says macro to program individual keys to do any action including opening programs. You can click on any key to reprogram which includes the 6 G keys on the left and all of the normal keys as well.

image 3

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The lighting effects tab is where I imagine most people will spend their time. You can pick from a list of different effects or you can manually create your own lighting layouts. All of the effects do have additional options including effect speeds. Some effects let you change the effect direction then the others you can pick from a random color section or pick two colors for the effect to use.

image 5

image 6

The performance tab doesn’t really have too much going on. Here you can just turn off a few combinations like the windows key, ALT-F4, so on when the windows lock button is on. Basically, a gaming mode to prevent you from doing anything stupid that might hard close your game.

image 7

Now the iCue settings page up on top, in addition to having a few software settings, it also has a list of settings for the keyboard itself. I kind of wish these were all in the performance tab. You can adjust the brightness of the lighting and set the polling rate of the wireless dongle.

image 8

iCue also has a dashboard option up top along with the instant lighting tab which lets you quickly pick a single color for all of your Corsair devices. The Dashboard is really cool though because it graphs out all sensor information from your CPU, motherboard, GPU, and anything else it picks up. You can also pick up other Corsair devices like digital PSUs and water cooling kits when they are supported for a one-stop shop for PC data without having to run another program.

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