For testing, I swapped out my day to day mouse with the G502 Lightspeed. I just happen to normally use a wireless Logitech mouse so the transition software wise was as simple as getting the updated version with G502 lightspeed support. From there I also use a Logitech PowerPlay to charge my mouse so getting things up and running required me swapping the PowerPlay disc from my Pro Wireless to the G502 and then going into the software for the PowerPlay and telling it to research for a mouse. If you aren’t already using the PowerPlay and add one at the same time as the G502 you won’t need to do this. If you aren’t using the PowerPlay mat at all, plugging the included wireless dongle into your PC will get the mouse up and running right away.

Once up and running adjusting to the G502 wasn’t all that bad comfort wise. I am right handed but typically prefer ambidextrous mice like the G Pro Wireless but the G502 actually fits my hand better. This is partially because of its size, this is a larger mouse than the G Pro Wireless both in length and height. That height helps push up into my palm a little better. Now the triggers aren’t as wide as on the G Pro Wireless and I was a little concerned that I would accidentally bump into the G7 and G8 buttons on the left but in my testing that hasn’t been an issue at all. The trigger shape for the left trigger is curved to keep you centered. Reaching them isn’t too hard when you want too so they are very well placed. The G8 button in front was easier for me to reach than the G7 because of the length of my fingers. On that same topic, the side buttons weren’t placed too bad. The thumb ends up centered a little to the front button where on the G Pro Wireless it is perfectly centered between the two. But both of the normal side buttons were reachable. The G-Shift button all the way at the front was reachable as well but only with the end of my thumb. But that also isn’t a button I normally need to use.

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The biggest difference for me coming from the G Pro Wireless to the G502 was really the weight difference. The G Pro Wireless was designed to be as lite as possible without drilling holes. Adding the extra buttons of the G502, the larger size, and things like the thumb wing all add to the weight. Even when not adding extra balancing weights that system on the underside of the G502 adds a lot of weight with its magnets and weight tray. The G Pro Wireless comes in at 74 grams for me while the G502 was at 106 grams, both without the round insert where you put the PowerPlay module. With all of that said at 106 grams, Logitech has managed to make their G502 actually weigh LESS than the wired version which comes in at 121 grams. That includes adding a battery, space for the PowerPlay, and the wireless tech itself inside. Personally, I know some web forums and on Reddit, there seems to be a push to race to the bottom for mouse weight, but given the G502’s huge sales and popularity, I don’t think that everyone wants a mouse that has no weight to it. In fact, at 106 grams I think the G502 isn’t bad at all for a wireless device leaving the G Pro Wireless as an option for those who need even less weight.

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As for the rest of the performance, I didn’t have too much to say about the Hero 16K sensor. I’ve been using it on multiple mice for a while now. It feels just like the 3366 variations on my hard pad surface. Tracking is smooth even at speed thanks to the 400 ips and I didn’t have any angle snapping or stepping. My only complaint was that the lift-off distance felt a little low and it wasn’t adjustable in the software. For battery performance I ran without the PowerPlay and the 48 hour of use rating seems to be about spot on which is a nice sweet spot for anyone who doesn’t mind plugging in every few days if you are at your PC for a full workday or more or every week or two if you are gaming at night for a few hours. Turning off the lighting extends that 48 hours of charge to up to 60 which given that the G logo is under your hand anyhow, I don’t know why you wouldn’t do this. Power users who are doing a lot more than that should really consider the PowerPlay mat for charging all of the time. As much as I hate the cost of the PowerPlay as well as its thickness as mentioned in my review of it. Not having to ever worry about plugging my mouse in or swapping out batteries is nice.

As for wireless performance, frankly, Lightspeed from Logitech and most of the other major brands have gotten wireless performance down to a point where it is a known issue even for the most demanding of users. You do have to run at 1000Hz to get that ultra-fast response time but if you still have any preconceived notions about wireless performance it is time for you to give a new one a chance. My other concern was with the trigger switch performance, this was where I had issues on 3 Logitech mice in the past 8 months. My testing so far hasn’t had any issues, but only time will really tell on that one. Changing back to the 20 million click Omron switches is most likely going to handle it though.


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VaporX replied the topic: #38661 13 May 2019 19:56
Wish people would point out that this is a "faux" wireless product. There is still a wire either as a recharge cable or for the wired power mat.

I use a G603 mouse and G613 keyboard with ZERO wires on my desk ever needed for these peripherals. I am getting a battle life of about 10 months on the mouse and over a year on the keyboard.

Also concerning weight, ultra light is not always better. I am a big man and I find I prefer a heavier mouse.

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