If you run across the G502 Wireless on a store shelf it is going to blend in really well with the rest of Logitech’s peripherals. It has that same mid gray background with a zoomed in photo across the front that they use on all of their gaming boxes these days. The model name is in huge letters sideways with the Logitech logo under that. That said I don’t think they set this apart much from the wired version when it comes to that. They do have the LIGHTSPEED branding in the corner with “Wireless Gaming Mouse” below that. But I think the Lightspeed should be sideways along with the G502 model name. It looks more like a feature, than the product name. The Wired looks exactly the same only with Hero in place of the Lightspeed part and the picture has a wire going from it.

image 1

The back of the box has another picture of the mouse, this time looking more at the bottom and side where they also have the weight storage area and dongle storage covers off showing those features. The rest of the back of the box talks a little about key features like the Lightspeed wireless tech, the Hero sensor, programmable buttons, and the weights.

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Inside the mouse sits right up on top when you open the box up in a small tray that keeps it secure. The top of the box is also formed around the G502 shape to help with this as well. Then up under that tray is a “Play Advanced” cover that hides some of the accessories and documentation as well as the weight case that is visible.

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For documentation, you get a setup guide that shows where all of the buttons are and how to get up and running. There is a safety and warranty paper as well as a small sales guide for other Logitech products. Then they include a sharp Logitech Gaming sticker.

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In addition to the mouse, you get a few accessories which you wouldn’t get with a wired mouse. The most obvious is a charging cord. The cord has a hard black sleeving on it that I would prefer to be a little softer for when you are still gaming while charging. I also noticed that the winged charging cable design has been dropped here for a more standard looking plug. Sadly though the plug isn’t standard, the Micro-USB connection is but the plug itself has a specific shape to match the hole on the mouse. Logitech did this with the winged design as well, but at least with that, it matched the same plug for the PowerPlay wireless charging mousepad.

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Also included for accessories was this small plastic case. Inside on both sides are small weights that you can use to balance the G502 Lightspeed. Also in the case is the USB wireless dongle and an adapter. The dongle has the G502 model name on it to help prevent mixups for anyone with more than one device. The adapter is basically designed to be used with the charging cable if you want to move the dongle up on your desk for an improved signal. It has a micro USB port on one in for the cable and a USB port on the other for the included dongle.

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VaporX replied the topic: #38661 13 May 2019 19:56
Wish people would point out that this is a "faux" wireless product. There is still a wire either as a recharge cable or for the wired power mat.

I use a G603 mouse and G613 keyboard with ZERO wires on my desk ever needed for these peripherals. I am getting a battle life of about 10 months on the mouse and over a year on the keyboard.

Also concerning weight, ultra light is not always better. I am a big man and I find I prefer a heavier mouse.

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