The box for the MK Retro is a big difference from the standard keyboard packaging. The box has the same size and shape of course, but Azio went with a flat black finish across the entire box and to stick with the retro vibe everything on the top is printed in a metallic finish. So the photo of half of the keyboard across the top is all reflective, matching the keyboard itself. Then the MK Retro logo is also a throwback as well. Together the look is simple, but it is very effective at showing you what the MK Retro is all about. The back of the box just has a short bit explaining the idea behind the keyboard then down in the bottom right corner is a sticker. The sticker has a short specifications listing, a photo of the full keyboard, and all of the required certification logos.

image 1

image 2

Inside when you open everything up you will find a few documents sitting up top and then the MK Retro sitting under a clear tray. The tray keeps the keys from getting banged up in shipping and could also be a dust cover for someone if they need one. The keyboard then has foam on both ends to keep it from moving around and cardboard covering up the cord up top. For documentation you get a user guide and then a small folded card that explains inside that Azio wants you to have a good experience, contact them if you are unhappy with anything, yadda yadda.

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Now for something completely different! A typewriter style mechanical keyboard from Azio.

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