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I think the Noko Leatherworks TLK Wrist Rest is the first product to ever come into our office that I had to fight all the way through the review to not make a Ron Burgundy reference. But there is just something about this wrist rest that makes me want to upgrade everything in my office. I love my Grifiti Wrist Rests, but shortly after getting them you would assume I had been using it for months or longer. This reminded me that while a good deal is nice, there is something to be said for quality. I considered a nice custom wood wrist rest but I think Noko found a happy medium between a solid wood or plastic wrist rest and the soft models. You get a rock solid design that is basically a weapon with a stainless steel and wood core. Then on the outside you have the durability and style of leather.

I’m also really excited to see how it transforms as the leather wears as well. Sadly being a TKL wrist rest I won’t be using it day to day, just at LANs. So I guess that means I need to make it out to more events right? I’m seriously considering buying a custom Noko full sized wrist rest as well with a nice LanOC logo carved into it for in the office.

It’s not all perfect, I do wish there was a little more padding. I’m not looking for an inch of padding or anything but a touch more would really let your writs sink in a little. The other downside of course is the price. I’ve been comparing this to the Grifiti but that’s not entirely fair to the Grifiti as it costs closer to $15 and the TKL Noko does run about $80. You can however get in the drop for one on Massdrop right now and pick it up for a little less and I suspect people in the US will actually be saving on shipping as well. While it might not be cheap, you aren’t exactly getting ripped off. Noko has a great product and you are paying for that. Plus if you go for a custom design you can really add some flair to your office. Seriously jump on her website and check out the gallery, the photos really speak for themselves!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36781 03 Jul 2015 17:17
Opps I was so busy yesterday I forgot to bump this. To start our holiday weekend I check out a hand made TKL leather wrist rest from Noko Leatherworks. You can also find this on sale for the next week at the following link


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