The packaging for the wrist rest is about what you would expect from a product that is custom made. It comes wrapped up in bubble wrap. In our case there was a tiny note thanking us for the review but I can’t imagine all of the wrist rests ship with that. Then it is shipped in a box slightly longer than the pad. Being from Toronto they ship from Canada unless of course you get in on the Massdrop drop where it will ship from the states unless you are in Canada where those will ship from Noko to keep the costs down.  

image 1

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They do include a card with the Noko logo on it as well as a small baggie that has optional written on it. Inside you have the small clear 3M stick on feet or thinner stick on foam grippy pads for the bottom of the wrist rest. The clear feet will add additional hight if you need it and the others will keep things at a similar height to stock but help with keeping things from moving around if that becomes an issue.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36781 03 Jul 2015 17:17
Opps I was so busy yesterday I forgot to bump this. To start our holiday weekend I check out a hand made TKL leather wrist rest from Noko Leatherworks. You can also find this on sale for the next week at the following link

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