The packaging for the Type Heaven is short sweet and right to the point. We don’t have any fancy graphics, just a black box with golden lettering on it with the name of the keyboard in the middle. Seasonic did add a sticker over on the bottom left with the actual model name on it, a few key features, and information on the warranty. Speaking of it comes with a 2 year warranty! On the back things are just as simple, it is all black other than the Topre logo and their website URL.

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Once inside the box we have the Type Heaven wrapped up in a clear plastic bag and then sitting tightly with cardboard folded to keep it snug and protected. There aren’t any special accessories with the keyboard like with the Novatouch or my Realforce. You get a warranty information paper that shows you were you can find the serial number and also explains that in the US the Type Heaven is distributed by Seasonic so you have to contact them if you have issues. That is good news by the way, Seasonic has always had great power supplies and with that good service when there are issues, having their backing here in the states is much better than having to RMA internationally. Under the keyboard you will also find an installation guide but let’s be honest we should all know how to hook up a keyboard. If you forget though you can check out the drawing inside showing you how to plug in a USB plug!

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36629 24 Apr 2015 21:29
Hey everyone, today I take a look at the Topre Type Heaven. If you have been curious about Topre switches, check this out!

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