Overall and Final Verdict

When all is said and done Genius’ Energy Mouse proves to be a 2700mAh mobile battery with the ability to operate as a serviceable wireless mouse. Would I recommend it purely as a mouse? No. The 1200 dpi sensor is a little low by my personal standards and has trouble recognizing movements on some surfaces such as glossy and highly reflective surfaces because of the infrared type sensor. The lack of buttons (only single, right and scroll mouse click buttons are available) is another problem with the forward and back buttons all but becoming standard in today's market.

Still it can charge your smartphone once or twice and still keep your laptops cursor moving. If this kind of functionality appeals to you then the Energy Mouse is well worth the look at its sub 30$ price tag but if you are looking for either a mobile power bank or a wireless mouse I would suggest looking for a more specialized product.


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Author: William
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William is the newest addition to both the Review and Event staff. Being in charge of power, hopefully you have to see very little of him during our lans. Outside of lans he can be found engaging in his unhealthy obsession with all things gaming in between writing the odd review and bothering Wes at all hours of the day. An avid gamer nearly all his life, it is common for the latest MMO release to cause him to drop off the face of the Earth for a week or two.

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