Overview and Features

If we are looking at the Energy Mouse as strictly a mobile power bank then the biggest feature is obviously the fact that it is a fully functional wireless mouse. To this end, Genius has tried to make it feel like on adding comfort grips to the rare of the mouse as well as both sides.

EM 6

EM 5

The underside of the mouse is where we find the on/off switch to save that precious 2700mAh battery when the mouse is not in operation as well as the low power consumption infrared sensor. This sensor is a respectable 1200dpi but far below the numbers of gaming mice making this a more mobile solution. The odd clip above the sensor next to the power switch is where the pico receiver sits when not in use.

EM 11

EM 13

The rear of the mouse is where the USB port can be found. This is where you would plug in your telephone charging cable. That is something to note as well, as in other mobile power banks we have seen ports that support the more power hungry tablets as well. The Energy Mouse only has the single 5V/1A port which is more than acceptable for a smartphone but leaves your tablets in the dark.

EM 8

The micro USB port on the front of the mouse is where the internal battery is charged from. The mouse runs off this battery as well meaning that if your intent is to just use it as an input device solution then the mouse will probably never run out of battery under normal usage.

EM 9

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