Meka GUnit_20

The things that come together in the Meka G-Unit blend very well. I personally enjoy the different feel of the CherryMX Black keys even though, at first, I was skeptical. Red switches always seemed so light and quickly pressable but I have found that while using the Meka that you’re are forced to make an ever so slightly more deliberate press of a key which has resulted in far less unintentional mistaken key presses during gaming. The Black switches also make a noticeably lighter sound per press which is great while typing during Skype conversations as opposed to the usual chorus of clicking.

The backlighting is so versatile and the macros are very easy to program and use. With the board having so much memory, these profiles are stored with it and not with your PC meaning macros and lighting can come with you anywhere which is perfect for the mobile e-sport pro or even the weekend lan warrior. Which a simple press of the Alt or Ctrl keys you can instantly switch between macro profiles leaving all 36 macros readily available.

The few things that don’t work in the Meka are also easily found and can be quite annoying. As a typist you grow accustomed to a single layout and any deviations often lead to having to relearn a specific keyboard. The pipe (\|) key change is mind boggling at first and takes some getting used to before you get the feel for it.

The actual keyboard connector has also become a problem for me. While the rubber feet do keep the board on consistently stable footing I find that if I adjust the board too much the connector will loosen itself out of connection. This is doubly bad in the particular board as when the keyboard, itself becomes disconnected you also lose anything plugged into the USB ports and HD Audio jacks (typically your mouse and headphones) as well and when this happen during a game it can be infuriating.

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