The MEKA G-Unit’s packaging bears the red, white and black color scheme befitting any Tt Esports release along with the familiar red dragon logo. On the front face we find a glossy picture of the assembled unit to go along with a few of the flashier features the board possesses such as the 1000Hz polling rate common in most high end gaming mechanicals and the eye catching 60 macro keys. The back of the box is even more informative, offering a detailed layout of the boards features.

Meka GUnit_15

Meka GUnit_16

Cracking open the box, we see the actual keyboard is wrapped in plastic but noticeably smaller than the overall monster of a box it comes in. Why so? The MEKA G-Unit comes filled to the brim with inclusions and accessories.

Meka GUnit_5

Meka GUnit_13


The first things we find are the usual documentation, the Quick Install guide and the Warranty Policy along with a driver CD for the macro profiles and lighting options. As we dig deeper we come across a felt bag housing the gold-plated, braided wire USB connector and then finally at the bottom of the box we find the included travel bag capable of carrying all the pieces in one sleek package.

Meka GUnit_4

Meka GUnit_7

Meka GUnit_6

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Taking a look at Tt eSPORTS top end gaming keyboard.

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