Overall and Final Verdict

The Meka G-Unit is a nice keyboard with a few little things that differentiate it from the competitors. At first glance it may seem like the 12 macro keys are a bit short in comparison with other high end gaming keyboards but you quickly realize the Instant Switch System allows you to have up to 36 macros whenever and wherever you want them. With features for FPS, RTS, MOBA and even MMO gamers the keyboards has a nice appeal but where it really shines is mobility. The amount of connections on top of the board is very useful and keeps you front fishing wires out of the back of your PC over and over again. With the sheer amount of onboard memory all your macro and lighting profiles come with you as well, even if you aren’t at your PC.

The disconnection issue can be a hassle when it happens during a high tension moment and the modified layout takes a slight amount of getting used to but these are just the quirks that are present in an overall impressive package. The inclusion of Black switches is a nice touch and one I hope more companies choose to make in the future but as for the Meka G-Unit Illumination its stands out among the completion in any room and most certainly once the lights go out.


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Taking a look at Tt eSPORTS top end gaming keyboard.

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