Graphics and Audio

On the highest settings, the game looks gorgeous. The foliage is wonderful and all of the animal and enemy skins are pretty realistic looking. Sadly my computer was not able to handle the game at highest setting during the firefights, so I played the game on medium to low settings most of the time. But do not fret, even on the lowest possible settings the game still looks good, in fact they compensate for how good it looks by lowering the draw distance significantly, which can be annoying, but it is an acceptable trade for being able to still play a game that looks pretty on a pc that isn’t that great. One thing that I do think could use some improvement is the graphics for the water; it seems really flat and just not very exciting to look at. Seeing as how you are on an island, surrounded by….yep water, it would be nice if the dominating terrain of the game was pleasing to the eye.

Far Cry_3_22

The Audio for Far Cry 3 is extraordinary. The background noise is honestly what is most impressive about the sounds in the game. I never find myself getting tired or annoyed of the sound when just walking around the island. From the sounds of birds and other wildlife going about their day to the sound of pirates gunning down other tourists throughout the island, there is always something different to hear. Half the time you will find yourself exploring and hearing gunfire. You quickly duck for cover, thinking a pirate has spotted you, only to hear the roar of a tiger initiating their counter attack. The music is also well done throughout, from the opening sequence Ubisoft sets the bar for what to expect from the game. Throughout the music is well paired with the actions and emotions taking place, and simply put, Far Cry 3 is a work of art from start to finish. My least favorite part of the audio is probably the voice acting. To say it is my least favorite isn’t really fair, because it’s just not as good as the music or ambient noise. The voice actors all do their job, but don’t really go above and beyond in my eyes. I don’t find myself loving or hating the performance, and it gets overshadowed by everything else.

Far Cry_3_10

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I am eager to get some discussion on the game, because I loved it, but in another thread someone said that they disagreed. I want to see what people liked or hated about it!
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