The game does offer multiplayer, but I do not want to spend too much time on it because frankly it isn’t very good and feels forced. It today’s age it is almost a requirement that your game have multiplayer for some odd reason. Maybe it is that we live in a technologically advanced society and people want to have a reason to use their 100/10 connection, but I feel a game that is good that has only multiplayer, or a game that is good that has only single player is no less of a game than others. In fact, I would prefer a solid experience in one department rather than a mediocre experience in both.

There is a generic set of versus modes which is the part of the multiplayer that fails in my opinion. It tries to be Call of Duty, but it simply isn’t, and its apparently from the moment you start playing, the engine just isn’t optimized for versus multiplayer. There are a few game types, like deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a capture the flag like game, everything that you would expect from a multiplayer shooter.

The co-op multiplayer on the other hand is actually quite fun. It allows for you and up to three friends or strangers to team up and fight through a series of missions. The missions in co-op are completely unrelated to the story as are the charcters, in fact the only similarities are the fact that the enemy is Vaas and his crew, and that it takes place on the same island. Most of the levels are the standard run and gun, kill all the enemies to progress the level. There is an occasional defend the x for y minutes, but nothing too fancy. There was one interesting part of co-op though. Every third or fourth level was a competition, in which you were still trying to complete an objective as a team, but at the same competing against your friends for bragging rights and a little bit extra experience. Thats another thing, the experience earned in co-op mode, and all online modes go towards the same pool, so if you play enough co-op with friends, you can unlock all the same weapons as the folks fighting against each other. All in all, I think multiplayer was a failure, but Ubisoft did some things with co-op that I would like to see carry over to other games.

Far Cry_3_26

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I am eager to get some discussion on the game, because I loved it, but in another thread someone said that they disagreed. I want to see what people liked or hated about it!
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