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With the testing out of the way, we can finally step back and get a better idea of where the Ryzen 7 8700G and Ryzen 5 8600G are sitting right now. AMD’s new 8000G Series CPUs pair up Zen 4 CPUs with their Radeon 700M series of mobile GPUs with the goal being to create a desktop APU that is capable of some gaming without having to pair it up with a dedicated GPU and they have done just that. The Ryzen 7 8700G has the same Radeon 780M GPU that is used with the Ryzen Z1 in devices like the ROG Ally so we already knew it was capable. The performance fits what you would expect for a handheld console as well with it being capable at 1080p on the lowest settings and when utilizing tech like AMDs Hyper-RX you can see smooth gameplay at higher detail settings as well. This isn’t going to be a replacement for a dedicated GPU if you are looking to game at higher resolutions or if you want the highest detail settings in all of the latest games. But it is great to see an integrated GPU that is capable enough that you can trust it to handle mid-level 1080p gaming. The best part with that is you can build a system using this and leave the possibility of upgrading in the future open whereas with the mobile applications, you would be locked in.

Speaking of, the 8700G and 8600G were both capable CPUs when paired up with a dedicated GPU. In my testing, the Ryzen 5 8600G was consistently running just behind the 7600 and the 5700X. The 8700G with its higher boost clock speed and 8 cores was a little faster and running behind the 7700. So you won’t have to worry if you will be held back with an upgrade in the future. For pricing the Ryzen 7 8700G has an MSRP of $329 and the Ryzen 5 8600G is cheaper at $229. Both end up being a really good value once you figure in the cost of buying even a low-end video card and that is ignoring that AMD has also integrated AI processing into these as well. But with that said, if you are looking at picking either CPU up and pairing it up with a GPU you would be better served going with a model with less of a focus on the integrated GPU. The 8700G consistently performed just under the Ryzen 7 7700 which can be found for $315. The 8600G is priced similarly to the 7600 and it came in just behind consistently as well. But overall AMD set out to pair up capable CPUs with integrated graphics that are usable for gaming and that were extremely successful at that. These will be at the top of my recommendation list for anyone who wants light gaming capabilities at 1080p, once you take out the cost of an expensive video card you have a great value build with room to upgrade in the future.


Live Pricing: HERE



Live Pricing: HERE

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