Cooling and Power

As I mentioned before, one of the biggest things that sets the A10-7800 from the A10-7850K is its lower TDP. For all of my testing I ran the TDP at the default 65 watts. You can however drop it down another 20 watts to save even more power. To be fair, I did our power testing with it set to the same TDP that I did the other performance benchmarks, so you can expect lower numbers if you decide to turn things down slightly. The lower TDP isn’t important in a normal build, but should you decide to build a small form factor PC or HTPC lowering the TDP can mean lower temperatures and smaller power supply requirements. So where did the 7800 land? Well it landed smack in the middle of the 4790K and 4770 from Intel on the load numbers. It still pulls more at idle than the Intel CPUs though.

image 1


The A10-7800 really performed well when I put it under load using Prime95 to try to heat things up. The highest I could get things warmed up was 44 degrees. This is especially good when compared to the 4790K and 4770K.



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35192 01 Aug 2014 19:29
For those of you who are thinking about building an HTPC or a SFF build the A10-7800 might fit the bill, check it out!

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