Onboard GPU Performance

Putting the onboard video card to the test on the 6700 and 6800K required that I disconnect the two GTX 580s used in our previous round of tests and go through our onboard benchmark suite. Testing onboard video is always interesting because as Intel and AMD continue to increase their performance you slowly see games that you never would have been able to play without a dedicated video card suddenly being accessible to those without a card at all.

I started with 3DMark Vantage to get an idea of where their overall performance stands next to what we saw on Haswell and Sandy Bridge CPUs. Both the A10-6800K and the A10-6700 performed extremely close to our 4770K Haswell CPU in the performance benchmark and they even pulled slightly ahead with high settings. My X264 HD Benchmark results were similar as well with the Haswell CPU still out performing but by a smaller amount that you might expect. Even more impressive is the performance when compared to the Intel HD 3000 and HD 4000 GPUs found in Sandy and Ivy Bridge CPUs.



In the Heaven Benchmark 3.0 the 5800K and 6700 performed ever so slightly ahead of the i7-4770K CPU while blowing Ivy and Sandy Bridge results out of the water. Cinebench was the same as well with both AMD APUs leading once again.



Enough about synthetic benchmarks though, it was the in game testing I wanted to see. While running high settings at 1080p my Dirt 3 results came in just under the 30FPS that I would typically consider playable. That means with only a slight adjustment you can up and running in Dirt 3 with just the GPU built into your APU. My F1 2011 results weren’t as good with both Haswell and Ivy Bridge CPU’s out performing but AMD made it up in Super Street Fighter 4. Super Street Fighter 4 results not only out performed Haswell, but they also come in beyond 60 FPS.





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