It’s great to catch up with what Noctua has been up to recently and what they have released isn’t focused on any one area. They of course have the new NH-L9a-AM5 coolers which are updated with support for the new chipset, that is a big one for anyone looking at extremely compact SFF builds especially now that AMD has brought out the 65 watts CPUs that help make that possible. Both the standard version and the chromax model both look great and performed as well as to be expected given the compact design. Then on the other end of the spectrum, Noctua has their largest heatsink out now, the NH-P1 which is their first passive cooler with a design that is a complete departure from a traditional heatsink. That is another that I wouldn’t be looking to pair up with the highest-end CPUs which put out far too much heat but is a unique design that opens up extremely quiet passive or semi-passive build possibilities.

The rest of what I took a look at was focused on fine tuning other aspects of the normal Noctua lineup. Things like the spacers which help with the turbulence that can happen when the intake side of a fan is up close to a restrictive case fan grill or a radiator. They also have gaskets that help tighten the seal between the Noctua fans and a radiator. The addition of Noctua screwdrivers was also a big surprise but could be a big help for anyone who works with Noctua coolers often because they have the length to reach through the Noctua heatsinks like the screwdrivers that Noctua has included with their coolers but with an easier to use a grip that shares a little with my favorite line of screwdrivers.

Overall Noctua who is well known for their extreme detail and sometimes painfully long product release cycles has been increasing the number of products designed to complement their current product lineup while also bringing out unique products like the NH-P1 and keeping their lineup up to date with support for new CPU sockets like AM5. Computex is coming up so I’m sure we can expect to get a look at what they are working on soon. Noctua is also one of the very few companies that is really open about their product roadmap even having most of it right on their website for anyone to check out. That helps a little with the wait, especially when you see things like “white Fans” coming which sadly seems to always be at the end of that chart.

Live Pricing:


NH-L9a-AM5 chromax.black


NA-IS1-12 Sx2 Inlet Spacer

NA-IS1-12 chromax.black Sx2 Inlet Spacer

NA-IS1-14 Sx2 Inlet Spacer

NA-IS1-14 chromax.black Sx2 Inlet Spacer

NA-SAVG2 Vibration Gasket

NA-SAVG2 chromax.black

NM-SD1 Screwdriver TORX TX20

NM-SD2 Screwdriver PH2

AM5 thermal paste guard NA-TPG1

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