When it comes to fans, they aren’t typically something people get too excited about. High-end fans can be ultra quiet, have lots of power, and of course, some have RGB lighting. Companies have been going crazy on the lighting side of things, but last year Lian Li shook things up with their UNI FAN SL120’s. I took a look at them in August. What is interesting though, is people have been surprisingly excited about these fans. The latching design that cuts down on your wiring along with addressable RGB lighting had them sold out immediately with for sale subreddits on Reddit having people constantly looking for them. Well, Lian Li is back at it again, almost a year later with a new Uni Fan design called the AL120. They have still included the same latching design but with a new lighting design and upgraded static pressure and airflow. Once again they are available in black and white and today I’m going to check out both and see how they compare to the SL120’s that we already love.

Product Name: Lian Li UNI FAN AL120

Review Sample Provided by: Lian Li

Written by: Wes Compton

Amazon Affiliate Link: HERE

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Fan Quantity

Available in Single or Triple packs

Color Options

White and Black

Fan Dimensions

120 x 120 x 25 mm

Rated Voltage

DC 12V (FAN) & 5V (LED)

Fan Speed

800~1900 RPM

Air Pressure

2.62 mmH2O (Maximum)


64.5 CFM (Maximum)

Acoustic Noise

17 – 28.3 dB

Locked Current

>= 0.5mA

Bearing Type

Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Operation Voltage

DC 12V & 5V

Start-UP Voltage

DC 6.0V

Unput Current

0.22A (FAN) / 0.66A (LED)

Input Power

5.94 Watts





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