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You’d be hard pressed to find many fans on the market that could surpass the JetFlo 120 in sheer performance. The turboprop blades move air efficiently and in a more direct manner that both air-cool and water-cool enthusiasts can appreciate. It also doesn’t hurt being available in four different versions for almost any builder’s color preference. Being a PWM fan with precise speed control and a long lifetime is just icing on the cake from an enthusiast standpoint.

JetFlo120 14

Still the JetFlo is prefect. You simply cannot move that much air and expect no noise. At maximum RPMs the fan produces noticeable noise to go along with its top notch performance and while it doesn’t quite whine the decibel levels will start to climb the more you add. The difference in color shades is also something to be cautious about if you are going for a more show style build.

Other than that there isn’t much bad to say specifically about the JetFlo 120. I personally do not mind noise as much as most and found the fans performance to my liking. If you are, however, someone who values a more quiet experience just keep in mind that you will have to adjust these fans to a lower speed and take a bit of a performance hit in the process. 


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Deb0 replied the topic: #33193 29 Oct 2013 17:18
Whether you are air or water cooling you are going to have to move some air around to keep your system cool. Why not consider the JetFlo 120 from Cooler Master with its astonishing 95CFM rated air flow.

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