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The JetFlo’s packaging is direct, displaying the fan in its lighted condition on the front of the box to let you make the color choice quickly as there are four version of this particular model including a sans-LED version for the less flashy consumers. Opening the Velcro held front cover we actually get to see a few parts of the fan through clear windows next to some features and some graphs and comparison charts. The rear is where we find even more features and the fans specifications.

JetFlo120 1

JetFlo120 4

JetFlo120 3

Opening the box gives us the JetFlo and all its accessories in one compact arrangement. Included with the fan is a pair of fixed RPM, silent mode adapters and four mounting screws. These adapters hold the fan at fixed speeds when used. The adapter with black connectors is for 1600 RPM and the maroon connectors designate the 1200 RPM adapter. Either can be used to suit your fancy but the base fan is PWM meaning you can control the RPM from anywhere between 800 to 2000 RPM to suit your needs.

JetFlo120 10

JetFlo120 5

Now we can finally take a look at the JetFlo. All LED versions of the fan come with seven clear frosted blades while the no LED version instead has black. The blades, themselves, are designed after turboprop engines to be both efficient and direct the airflow in a more defined path. With most fans on the market having an expected lifetime of 40,000 to 60,000 hours, the JetFlo's 160,000 hours of expected lifetime stands out. This is achieved with the use of a POM (Polyoxymethelene) bearing with both a high resistance to abrasion and and excellent heat resistance and is mostly found in high performance engineering components.

JetFlo120 6

JetFlo120 7

JetFlo120 16

JetFlo120 13

The edges of the fan look odd at first and are entirely made out of rubber. These shock absorbers have the steel threads embedded into them and are secured directly to the fans housing by two large hex screws. Being made entire of rubber allows the pads to cut down not only on vibration at the screw connection but also from vibrations found in anything they touch. This is supposed to allow for a more secure and quiet connection to and case, heatsink or radiator you may tighten it down to.

JetFlo120 8

JetFlo120 9

The power cable is even braided to assist with a clean look to your build as well as to assist in cable management.

JetFlo120 2

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Whether you are air or water cooling you are going to have to move some air around to keep your system cool. Why not consider the JetFlo 120 from Cooler Master with its astonishing 95CFM rated air flow.

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