Installation and Performance

There isn’t much to installing a case fan but a few interesting points did come up. The shock absorbing pads do perform quiet well in creating a secure connection and even manage to completely surround the mounting screw head once tightened down. Noise from vibration is sure to be kept to a minimum.

JetFlo120 11

We decided to attach our pair of fans to a dual 120 water cooling radiator for testing and as you can see the LEDs are quite bright even in a lighted shot. Oddly it seems our two test fans were from separate batches as the fans lighting were different shades of blue when running and this could be seen as a negative for a few builders so consider it something to consider.

JetFlo120 12

JetFlo120 15

The airflow created by the JetFlo is powerful and concentrated and with one of the highest CFM ratings on the market it is quite an impressive package. Still that maximum airflow is not without tradeoffs. At the fans maximum 2000 RPM it roars and with two of them side by side on a radiator it is even more noticeable. Bringing the speed down with the silent mode adapters does lower the noise substantially but you will also see a drop in performance so, as always, it is a balancing act for each individual. The price isn’t going to break the bank either as it come in about mid-range for PWM fans.




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Deb0 replied the topic: #33193 29 Oct 2013 17:18
Whether you are air or water cooling you are going to have to move some air around to keep your system cool. Why not consider the JetFlo 120 from Cooler Master with its astonishing 95CFM rated air flow.

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