So at least with the orange model there isn’t anything at all changed with the packaging on the D-Frame Mini. They had this orange model before so there is a color option on the side of the box for this combo. I don’t know if the new colors have a sticker over those, but that said the box doesn’t need any changes. Sure the background has a road with rocks for no real reason. But it is a full color printed box with a picture of the glossy red model on the front that really looks good. The same design is on both of the main sides, but on one of the short sides there is a feature listing and the other had a short specification listing.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Inside the case comes wrapped up in its own fabric bag and then with foam holding it in place. All of the screws and documentation are up on top, but I will get into those later.

image 4

image 5


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