The HAF Stacker is a unique case and because of this we actually have two boxes. We have the 935 and the 915F. Inside of the 935 there are two cases and the 915F has a third. Cooler Master shipped us a sample that lacks the full color artwork that the retail samples have. The real samples will have a black and purple theme with a full picture of each of the cases on the front. Inside of the box things are typical. That means the case itself is wrapped up in a foam bag and then they used Styrofoam on the top and bottom to hold the case in place to keep it from moving around and to protect it if it gets dropped in shipping. In the case of the HAF Stacker 935 there is a third piece of foam in between the small and large pieces to keep them from banging into each other as well.

image 1

image 2

Cooler Master included a small paper in box boxes explaining how the stacking works, I will go into it a little more in a later section.

image 3

The HAF Stacker 915F comes with a small collection of zip ties, a baggie of screws, a second bag of screws for stacking the cases, and a blank backplate for you to use if you use this case to expand your hard drive capacity or water cooling.

image 18

The HAF Stacker 935 box is the same as the 915F only MUCH larger. This is literally one of if not the tallest cases boxes I have ever seen. With two cases inside that isn’t a big surprise. For accessories we have the same blank backpate, screws, and zip ties. This time we also have a solid PSU filler plate and also a power supply extension cable. This box has the PSU filler plate while the 915F didn’t because the F in the 915F stands for its front mounted PSU. That means even if you don’t put a power supply in it you won’t have a large opening for everyone to see.

image 19

image 38


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I hope everyone has a great weekend, before you setup camp in front of your PC to game all weekend check out our look at the Cooler Master HAF Stacker

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