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Cooler Master was certainly thinking a little off the wall when they came up with the HAF Stacker. We have seen other “modular” designs from them in the past, under the Stacker name even. But the HAF Stacker with its modularity both in the three case designs and with the internal modularity with the ability to move hard drive cages into the 915’s is something that I have never seen before. Even on their own, the 935 and 915’s are really cool. I love the tinted side window on the 935 and the extreme cooling that the HAF series is well known for.

I did have a few issues with the 915’s. The 915F had a small issue with the placement of the power plug blocking the PCI screws. I also think that the case is to long for standard Mini-ITX use, this is due to having to match the length of the 935 for stacking. If Cooler Master put together a case just like the 915 but more in proportion I would love it! The 915’s are both priced extremely well though, so they would be a good option for someone looking for a Mini-ITX case that has more room though.

I think the only issue with the HAF Stacker is the need for this level of flexibility in case size is fairly limited. I can really only see this being popular in the extreme water cooling market and with people who want to pair up 915’s for servers or something similar. The water cooling market is already investing a lot of money in their builds, throwing down the additional money for something like a Mountain Mods or Case Labs is a possibility as well. I think they could open up their market more if they sold the 935 without the 915F included. Not only would it be cheaper, but also the case really is badass. You could easily build any average to high end PC in the 935 without having to go even larger.


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I hope everyone has a great weekend, before you setup camp in front of your PC to game all weekend check out our look at the Cooler Master HAF Stacker

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