Thermaltake Chaser A31


I will begin the tour of the outside of the Chaser just above the front panel connection at one of the simplest and yet ingenious features on the case. Here is where we find a simple ribbed indentation that only serves one purpose, to hold things. When most cases choose to either be artistic or minimalistic, Thermaltake has chosen to go the functional route and utilize typically wasted space to provide the user with a small place to simply put USB drives, phones or any other small electronic gadget you might have laying around. The close proximity to the front panel also makes it a nice place to put things during file uploads.

ChaserA31 7

This brings us to the front panel connectors which are clean and to the point. Two USB 3.0 ports are present along with the HD Audio connections and the power led and start button are all one piece that give off a nice blue glow when in operation.

ChaserA31 6

The remaining real estate on the top of the Chaser belongs to the top exhaust fans. Underneath the black grating there is room for a single 140mm fan, a pair of 120mm case fans or even a dual 120mm radiator.

ChaserA31 8

The Chaser A31 comes with a windowed side panel offering a view into the case along the entire motherboard plane. Everything rear of the drive bays is visible meaning there will be some cable work required to make a final build look nice.

ChaserA31 9

The rear of the Chaser is pretty standard for most mid towers, a bottom mounted power supply, water-cooling grommets and seven expansion slots. Nothing flashy but we do get our first look at the all black interior of the Thunder Edition that goes perfectly with the brilliant blue of the case’s outer shell.

ChaserA31 10

ChaserA31 11

The underside of the case is where we find the feet complete with large rubber pads to reduce both noise and movement. The feet are quite large to allow intake by both the PSU cooling fan and the optional 120mm case fan that can be placed in the bottom. Here we also find the bottom fan filter that serves both fans. It is fully removable for easy cleaning which is great for those of us who live in dustier then average environments.

ChaserA31 12

ChaserA31 15

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You may have seen it at v13, now see the full report of the Thermaltake Chaser A31.

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