Thermaltake Chaser A31

Installation and Performance

ChaserA31 25

The installation rig may look a bit different then recent case reviews. I liked the blue aesthetic enough that I decided to install my actual rig this time and give the Chaser A31 something of a true blue review in all departments.  The bottom grommet hole is in perfect placement for my semi-modular power supply and while the end product looks a bit like controlled chaos the sheer amount of tie down loops makes the overall cable management process easier.

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ChaserA31 28

The 8-pin cord is able to sneak itself into perfect placement to remain out of sight of the window. The small hole was also a perfect place to weave the power cable to the top exhaust fan out of view and plug it into my board elsewhere.

ChaserA31 26

ChaserA31 30

The CPU bracket installation window is massive and offered no issues for me. The benefits of having a window of this size means the ability to install even the largest aftermarket coolers inside the case with ease. Just be aware that you only have a maximum of 160mm of height available for your CPU fan.

ChaserA31 29

From a performance standpoint the Chaser also managed to impress. Despite switching from a larger, more spacious full tower and having to drop a pair of case fans from my day-to-day setup there were no major changes in running temperatures. I could always go for more USB ports on a case front panel but I am more then happy to see multiple USB 3.0 ports becoming the norm these days. The top tray is a perfect feature and has cut down on me looking through my desk for thumb drives.

Being a mid tower, the A31 is light and protable which proved to be the perfect combination when I had to cart it off to LanOCv13 recently. The bright blue color and glow even drew more then a few looks of passer bys and was a truly unique piece among the crowd of the usual black cases.

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Deb0 replied the topic: #32948 25 Sep 2013 22:13
You may have seen it at v13, now see the full report of the Thermaltake Chaser A31.

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