Overall and Final Verdict

So overall what do I think of the Corsair HS60? Well, I’m really digging the classic styling, this is a lot more like the Corsair audio products that I know like their original speakers. Dropping the focus on being flashy looking and just focusing on performance. I love the open air design both because it keeps my ears a little cooler when gaming and also because I prefer to be able to hear around me. Audio performance was good, especially when paired with a good DAC. I also really like that the earcups are large and capable of going around my ears without touching them and thick enough to keep my ears off the inside of the headset. The device support is really good as well because of the use of a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can use these with a lot of the mobile phones on the market, all PCs, and even game consoles.

The HS60 wasn’t perfect. The headband, while very padded was firm and could be uncomfortable to some. I also think the earcups would benefit from a little more adjustment room. The headband has a lot of room, but the earcups only had 20-30 degrees of adjustment on the pivot and left-right movement. But the main issue for me with the HS60 is what makes the HS60 different from the HS50. The included sound card is going to be needed for some people. But for me, the simulated 7.1 surround wasn’t all that impressive. Audio quality was good, but I still preferred running into my DAC. For those of you who need a USB device, go with the HS60. But if you don’t get the HS50, it looks to have the same drivers and headset design but without the nice white trim. But you save $20 and suddenly a good headset becomes a great headset at that price point. At less than $50 you are coming in way less than the Arctis 3 and the HyperX Cloud Core headsets with similar performance.


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