The HS60 headset came in a box that bleeds Corsair. The yellow trim on the sides is most other Corsair products and of course, you have the sails up in the top left corner with the Corsair branding. The background is black but has some white lines in the background. Then in the foreground is a photo of the headset itself. Not enough companies put pictures of the product inside on the front of the box so I have to give Corsair credit here.  

image 1

Around on the back, there is another picture of the HS60 only smaller. Corsair has highlighted a few features (7 of them). Each has a short description that is then repeated in three more languages. Down along the bottom they have also included a specification list in all of the different languages as well. I missed getting a photo but inside of the box you will find the headset inside of a plastic tray. Along with it is a small USB sound card as well.

image 2


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