Before diving into the packaging, I should point out that V-Moda actually sent a few things ith the Crossfade Wireless. They also slipped in their boom microphone cable and their XL Memory Cushions to go with the headset. So this section is a little big as I run through all three. Starting with the headphones, the box for the Crossfade Wireless was a lot smaller than I expected. On top of that, they did a few really unique things. The front of the box is black with a side profile picture of the headset on it. They kept things simple here with the V-Moda branding down at the bottom, the Crossfade Wireless branding up top, and down at the bottom, they mention this is a Bluetooth headset and 3d printed shields. The top of the box has a leather strap for the carrying handle, I’ve never seen that before. The back of the box has the same black background but this time they used a different angle photo of the headphones. From there, lines are drawn from all of the key features with descriptions and in a few cases additional photos to help show things. Like the side panels can be replaced, so they have a small photo showing different styles you can switch to.

image 1

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To keep the box closed there is another leather strap with a metal snap button on it. Then to prove that the packaging is sealed they actually use red ribbon that you have to cut when opening. V-Moda went all out on the box.

image 8

Inside there are foam panels on the top and bottom to keep the headset in place. The headset comes wrapped in plastic and inside of the heavy duty carrying case. They include a card reminding you to activate your warranty and 50% immortal life program. They also include a small user manual and a V-Moda sticker as well.

image 13

image 14

image 15

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The XL Memory Cushions that they included with the Crossfade Wireless are in a black box just like the headphones. They did drop some of the fancy features like the leather straps and ribbon seal but the box still gets the job done. It has a photo of the cushions on the front along with the branding. Then on the back they mention the pads are twice as deep and 30% larger in diameter. They also have a 1-year warranty.

image 9

image 10

The wired boom microphone through me off at first when I saw it with the wireless headset, but then I remembered that the Crossfade Wireless does still have wired connections. The BoomPro microphone converts Crossfade headphones into a gaming headset. The front of the box has a picture of the microphone and the in-line controls. On the back, they have a picture to show the setup in action, a feature list, and a list of what comes in the box.

image 11

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