Overall and Final Verdict

Well considering how much I love my wired Crossfades, I had high hopes going into this review. That said I still wasn’t sure just how much wireless would change the performance. Not to mention things like battery life and range. But Once again I was extremely impressed with V-Moda. The Crossfade Wireless’ had top notch audio performance when running wirelessly as well as when wired. Wired performance was still better, but within the limitations of Bluetooth I think they did a great job. The flexibility to be able to run wirelessly or via the standard 3.5mm connection really helped as well. You can use the headphones with any of your mobile devices, game consoles, or on your PC. Adding the BoomPro microphone really helps with the PC as well, I just wish there was a similar option when running wirelessly. Then, of course, you have V-Moda’s build quality and attention to detail. Things like the leather straps holding the packaging together and the ribbon seal, when combined with the metal construction of the headphones, put it in a completely different class. Being able to get custom earcup plates is awesome as well, I need a set with the LanOC logo on them!

As far as issues go, I think that picking up the XL cushions isn’t really optional, they make a drastic improvement in comfort and fit. The headband could use a similar upgrade, it has about a ¼ inch of padding. I kept it loose and it was fine, but if you have the headband tight it's not going to be comfortable over long periods of time.

Another issue to consider is the price of a pair of Crossfade Wireless. At just under $270 currently, they are firmly in the enthusiast price range. But the extra $70 over the wired Crossfade gets you good wireless performance and a little extra flexibility while still having the rock solid construction, great sound, and customizable styling.


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