Well for starters I should point out that the X7 and the XM7’s are two completely different products, so even though Creative sent them out to be tested together they do come in their own packaging. Starting with the X7 the packaging has a large photo of the X7 across the front along with a large glowing X& next to it. Then of course they have the Sound Blaster logo up in the top left corner. The frst of the front mainly shows all of the different devices it will work with as well as a whole line of icons showing some of the key features along the bottom.

image 1

The right side of the box is used to show photos of both the front and back of the X7. They use these photos to number and list off each of the connection options as well as things like the microphone array on the front and the volume control on the front. Down along the bottom edge they also have a few photos from inside of the X7 to show that they went with audiophile grade components like Nichicon caps, Burr-Brown ADC and DAC, and even swappable Op-Amps.

image 2

Around on the back they have a smaller photo of the X7 and a section just to talk about where the X7 fits in the market. Then the bottom section takes all of those icons we saw on the front along the bottom and explains each one of them a little more.

image 3

Creative didn’t waste any part of their packaging, they made sure that even the last side has information that might help you decide if the X7 is for you. Here they have a short specification listing, well at least short compared to what we went with on the first page. They also talk about the mobile app and control panel software that you use to control the X7.

image 4

When you open up the box right at the top they have the wire headphone stand. Then beyond that the X7 sits in a thick casing of foam. Down at the bottom of the box was also a thick box packed full of all of the cables and adapters that you might need to get the X7 hooked up to the wide variety of devices it works with. I will break down everything that was inside in our next section.

image 5

image 6

Then of course you have all of the documentation. The X7 comes with a full user manual along with a few other documents. You get a small one asking for a like on Facebook and other social media, a warranty book, and also a paper that explains what international power cable options you have as well.

image 10

The packaging for the E-MU XM7’s was a lot simpler than the X7 of course. They shipped in a brown box with the E-MU XM7 branding on it but once I dug in I found that the real packaging was inside and bright white. It has the Creative branding up in the top left corner, the E-MU up in the top right and then line drawings of the speakers on the front. Next to the drawing they do highlight a few key features, namely the 5-inch woofer size and the 1-inch silk dome tweeter. All of the important information is actually over on the side of the box where they have a short specification listing, here you can get the speaker size, ohms, and wattage.

image 24

image 25

image 26

Inside both speakers sit in between two hard foam pieces as expected.

image 27

They are also wrapped up in plastic to keep them clean and they include a small manual. Inside they show how to hook up the speaker in case you don’t understand how that works and they have a page to show how to setup the XM7’s with the X7. That second part is a nice touch. In addition to that they also include two 8-foot speaker wires so you hopefully won’t have to pick any up when hooking everything up.

image 40

image 41

image 42


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Today I finally take a look at the Sound Blaster X7 and XM7 speakers that I have been testing. Check it out!

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