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While the X7 can officially work with nearly anything that you toss at it, seriously look at all of the devices supported in the specification list and on the front of the box, for my testing my plan was to mainly use the X7 and XM7’s with my PC. Because of that the installation of everything was simple compared to trying to get it hooked up to a game console and some of the other devices. To get things started I figured out where I would be putting everything on my desk. In this case I was replacing the Corsair SP-2500 where I had the two speakers sitting under my left and right monitors. Given that my 3+1 monitor setup takes up my entire desk I had to get a little creative. The two XM7’s were going under the left and right monitors, but to keep them from being blocked by the monitors I had to sit them on their sides. Then the X7 replaced the controller for the SP-2500’s just to the left of the monitor stands base.

image 46

To get things started I got out the correct power adapter cable for the X7 out of the whole collection of options and I started by getting it power. From there I needed to get the USB to Micro USB cable hooked up to my PC. Well with the location and how wide my desk is this was a bit of a stretch. The original cable would reach my USB hub but was very tight so I ordered a longer cord off of Amazon to get hooked directly into my PC. This was good because running through the USB hub or having the cable pulled so tight gave me some weird issues while I waiting for the replacement cable.

image 43

Next I needed to get the audio from the X7 out to the XM7’s, thankfully the XM7’s actually come with their own speaker wire. Obviously I didn’t need to much reach given that both speakers are on my desk so I measured out what I needed and cut the two cables to length. From there I had to decide if I wanted the silver or gold side of the cable to be the positive cable. From there I just had to strip the ends of the cables with a wire striper and hook everything up. Both the speakers and the X7 have the screw down locknuts to make sure the cable isn’t going to be loose, so all I needed to do was unscrew the locknut, slide the cable in the hole, then tighten the locknut down. I love that moving to this from something like the Corsair SP-2500 allows me to run cables to the length that I need rather than being locked into proprietary cables and having to layout your desk around the speakers.

image 44

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37313 22 Oct 2015 18:02
Today I finally take a look at the Sound Blaster X7 and XM7 speakers that I have been testing. Check it out!

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