A good portion of the front of the Inferno’s packaging is a photo of the actual headset. Rather than not showing off what is inside of the box Creative put it right on the front for you to see it. They did go a little crazy covering it with what I assume is fire to match its name, but you can still see what its all about. The rest of the cover mentions that the headset is supported on the PS4 and there is a small icon showing that it has both a combined connection for microphone and headphones like your phone and an adapter for splitting it up into two plugs for your PC.

Sadly my photo of the back of the packaging was a little blurry, making it hard to see what was written on the back of the box. Because of that I went with a stock photo to make it a little easier. This means you can’t see the window on the right side of the back of the box that gives you full view of the actual headset. Up top, Scarra from Dignitas is quoted and below him Creative breaks down a few of the headsets key features.

image 2

image 1

Inside of the box the headset is kept it place in a plastic mold. Up under it you will find the detachable microphone and the adapter cable. For documentation you get a book about the world wide warranty, another note about registering your headset to extend your warranty, and a multi-language users guide.

image 11


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35161 16 Jul 2014 14:08
Happy hump day everyone. Today I take a first look at the new SB Inferno from Creative. It's a budget gaming headset that is the spiritual successor to the now dated Fata1ty Gaming Headset. Enjoy!

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