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Right away you can see that the Inferno is similar in size and shape to the old Fatal1ty. The earcup design is a little different with the SB logo right on the cup and red trim around the sides. The headband pivots and expands out 1 ¾ inch on each side to make sure that it will fit everything from kids to people with large heads (me). I really like the new styling, it’s a little more modern but still has the same Creative look.

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To keep things comfortable the Inferno has nearly an inch thick pad on the top band and a little less on the earcups. The padding is covered in something similar to felt. Both the padding and the covering feel a little on the cheap side and I have a feeling that this will be the first thing to wear out after lots of use.

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As I mentioned before, the Inferno uses a single 3.5mm 4 conductor connection. This is the same connection you would normally use on your phone, you get microphone and audio with one plug. This means we only have to deal with a single cord as well. Creative used the same red cabling that I saw with the SB1. The cord is flexible but a little more susceptible to damage compared to a sleeved cable. They did put a volume controller in line with a microphone on/off switch. The controller has a built in clip should you need to keep it accessible.

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I mentioned them in the packaging section, but here is the removable microphone and the adapter cable. The adapter cable converts the SB Inferno’s single plug design into what most PCs use with the split up microphone and headphone plugs.

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The microphone attaches on the left earcup and is flexible. There is only one way for it to plug in and once plugged in it is more secure than most other removable microphones.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35161 16 Jul 2014 14:08
Happy hump day everyone. Today I take a first look at the new SB Inferno from Creative. It's a budget gaming headset that is the spiritual successor to the now dated Fata1ty Gaming Headset. Enjoy!

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