Apparently, judging the size of the SP2500 is difficult on the convention floor because as soon as it arrived here I was blow away by how large the box is. As with any other Corsair product the box has their standard blue trim along with the product name and a large picture of the speakers on the front. They have also included the wattage in the bottom right corner. Our packaging shows 220 watts, but a quick read of the FAQ on the product page on Corsairs website produces a nice bit of information about how future packaging will show 232, the power they realized the SP2500 produced after production started.




Inside the box I was impressed to find that every single component, cable, or manual had a location. The sub obviously took up a good portion of the package and it was protected with cardboard boxed around each corner. Pulling all of the cables and components out and unwrapping took a little while, Corsair made sure that nothing would get scratched or damaged while shipping. 





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