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So at the end of the day I’m in an interesting predicament. Normally I can get an idea of how a device works by comparing it to similar devices that I have tested. In this case though I can really only use my overall experience. Lucky for us, the Eris is designed to be a perfect printer for new users and that I most certainly was. So with that in mind I was extremely impressed with just how quickly I was able to pick up the Eris and be printing. Setup really only took about 5 minutes and I didn’t have to build anything with the exception of locking the spool hanger in place. The new auto calibration in the he280 hot end really added to this as well. While I have no personal experience with it, I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about getting delta printers and 3d printers in general leveled and ready to go. The Eris on the other hand took about a minute to do it for me.

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I’m really excited about being able to use the Eris at events as well. The built in handle and small footprint make it perfect for transporting to wherever the printer is needed. So if I need a part out in the garage and I think I might be making one or two prototypes grabbing the Eris and my laptop and just taking it out to the garage is a better option than running back and forth to my office.

Now my experience with the Eris wasn’t perfect. The fan in the base was fine when I first started printing but it now makes a lot of noise. I also found the build surface that they provide with the Eris to actually be a little too good. I ended up damaging the surface early on multiple times when trying to remove prints that were stuck to it. I plan on using it for thin prints in the future that need the extra grip and using the glass side for prints with a large base. Speaking of that, being a delta the Eris does have a great overall production size but sadly most of it is vertical. This means you can print a lot of things that a similarly sized Cartesian printer isn’t going to be able to fit, but only if you can figure out how to take advantage of the z axis space. In my situation I have a whole list of projects that I want to jump into that the Eris just won’t work with.

So what about the price, is it priced to compete in the market? Well for starters there really isn’t a direct competitor, no one else is making a small delta like the Eris. Because of that it is actually a good entry level delta printer. But let’s also compare it to a few of the other small bed printers.

SeeMeCNC Eris $549 (currently, might be sale)

Lulzbot Mini $1250

Ultimaker 2 Go $1199

MakerBot Replicator Mini $799

Now for starters there are just too many small 3d printers to list them all. I tried to list out a few of the main brands. Frankly when compared to them the Eris is a steal. There are a few other small build area printers like the Monoprice Maker Select v2 but I don’t think it’s a fair comparison as well. The Maker Select does have a headed build plate but it lacks the auto leveling and most importantly it is nowhere near portable. Not to mention you still have to put it together when you get it. The Eris on the other hand is ready to print right out of the box.

So is the Eris the printer for you? Well if you are completely new to 3d printing and you are looking to get rolling right out of the box it is a good buy. I also think it will be a great option for people who have a 3d printer but want to toy with a delta. There are limitations of course, especially with the build size but also with materials that you can print with. If you are looking to do ABS you should check out SeeMeCNCs larger printers as well as the other options on the market, or wait around it looks like SeeMeCNC set everything up ahead of time to have the option to add a heated bed and a smart controller. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring out an upgraded option in the future to handle more filaments.


Live Pricing: Amazon and SeeMeCNC

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37925 20 May 2016 16:45
TodayI check out the Eris, SeeMeCNCs new portable 3d printer
AndyM replied the topic: #37938 21 Jun 2016 19:24
Thank you for that fascinating review. No offence, but were you thinking of Odie when you made that giraffe? :)
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AndyM wrote: Thank you for that fascinating review. No offence, but were you thinking of Odie when you made that giraffe? :)

LOL I hadn't considered it looking like Odie but that is funny!

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