Eagle Arion 2.1 Soundstage Speaker with Subwoofer Review @ CCE Reviews

Eagle Computer’s may not be the most well known name, but the ET-AR504LR-BK Soundstage Speakers with Subwoofer certainly have a lot to offer. You can expect excellent sound from these speakers whether you are listening to music, watching a movie or playing your favorite games. They have excellent range, you get a wireless remote and a built in equalizer display. The wood cabinets give it a more natural sound than you get with the typical plastic materials used. http://www.ccereviews.com/reviews/eagle-arion-21-soundstage-speaker-with-subwoofer/

MSI N275GTX Twin Frozr OC Video Card @ Benchmark Reviews

The graphics card market is pretty much a two man slugfest at the moment. ATI and NVIDIA trade blows at irregular intervals in a brutal game of strategy. The GeForce GTX 275 was a punch that NVIDIA held in reserve, just waiting for ATI to release their HD4890 card. When launch day came for ATI, lo and behold, NVIDIA had the GTX 275 up their sleeve, ready for production. Essentially, the GTX 275 combines the GPU of the GTX 285 with the memory architecture of the GTX 275 with performance and pricing that neatly slots between the two. MSI is an established player in the graphics card market, and their take on the GTX 275 pulls no punches. They put together a unique design, featuring twin PWM fans and a 5-heatpipe cooler, for their N275GTX Twin Frozr OC Edition, and one look should tell you that they are serious about performance. Benchmark Reviews is pleased to offer you a detailed, fact-filled look at one of the products at the heart of the sweet spot for gaming graphics. MSI N275GTX Twin Frozr OC Video Card @ Benchmark Reviews

Choiix Mini Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad with USB Hub @ Reviewstash.com

"Unbeknownst to most notebook (or netbook) manufacturers, putting heat spewing components into miniscule packages can result in "uncomfortable" computing for both the computer and user; and, while I'm not implying that "correlation does imply causation", consumer trends are showing increasingly high production of small portable computers and notebook coolers. However, most notebook cooling products on the market are targeted at larger notebooks, and not the increasingly popular ultra-portables and netbooks. Choiix, an offshoot of established computer peripheral manufacturer Cooler Master, has released such a product to quench the demands of mobile warriors - the "Choiix Mini Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad with USB Hub Model C-HL02-WP"." Choiix Mini Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad with USB Hub @ Reviewstash.com

Yuin G2A Clip-on Headphones @ Reviewstash.com

"When it comes to portable audio, consumer clamor centers around three main devices: the ever popular headband based headphones (especially amongst audiophiles), this millennium’s mainstream earbuds (as made, unfortunately, popular by the iPod), or in-ear monitors. However, most consumers, with the exception of today's bargain-hunting audiophiles, know next to nothing about the fourth alternative - the clip-on headphone. You'll be hard pressed to find more than a handful of these "fourth alternative" headphones, especially in retail stores. And, besides the many audio communities on the internet, the day a clip-on headphone, even a classic such as the Koss KSC-75, makes it onto a mainstream gadget toplist is, indeed, a rare one. Unfortunately, this means that many people looking at portable audio solutions completely miss out. Clip-on headphones offer the similar, large, soundstage and placement security of their headband-clad counterparts, while also having the portability of in-ear monitors or earbuds. Hopefully, Yuin (pronounced yu-yin), an upcoming audio manufacturer, will be able to put the spotlight on the clip-on headphone with their G2A." Yuin G2A Clip-on Headphones @ Reviewstash.com

NZXT Beta Classic Series Case Review @ Bigbruin.com

The NZXT Beta's attractive styling, solid construction, enthusiast-inspired features, and tool-less (mostly) design offer most of the features one would look for in a new case. While it appears NZXT has tried to go the extra mile by including cutouts and rubber grommets for water-cooling, there really isn’t much space for a large top mounted radiator. NZXT Beta Classic Series Case Review @ Bigbruin.com

Startech.com KVM Console to USB 2.0 Crash Cart Adapter Review @ Bigbruin.com

I can see the Startech.com KVM Console to USB 2.0 crash cart adapter as an invaluable item in an IT professional's tool kit, providing an easy way to access terminals, industrial computers, headless servers, and other applications where you might not keep a keyboard, mouse, and monitor installed at all times. Startech.com KVM Console to USB 2.0 Crash Cart Adapter Review @ Bigbruin.com

OCZ Agility MLC SSD OCZSSD2-1AGT120G @ Benchmark Reviews

Benchmark Reviews has seen Solid State Drive products from every angle, and while SSDs have overtaken hard drive products in terms of speed, there still remains the giant task of beating HDDs in price. That's exactly why OCZ has created the Agility Solid State Drive.  Identical to the popular OCZ Vertex SSD in every aspect except NAND selection, the Agility SSD series offers the same Indilinx 'Barefoot' controller and 64MB of DRAM buffer allowing a fast 230 MBps read speed. Benchmark Reviews tests the reaction time and bandwidth performance for the 120GB Agility OCZSSD2-1AGT120G model against over two dozen other storage products in this article. OCZ Agility MLC SSD OCZSSD2-1AGT120G @ Benchmark Reviews

Asus Netbook Computing : Cruising the World with the Asus EEE PC 1000HE @ Tweaknews

"It's functional, reasonably powerful for most tasks, handles all administrative chores I have thrown at it with ease and all while having a battery life of over 7 hours with normal use. You couldn't have asked for more. The LED backlit screen is bright, the keys are set apart enough to allow for a very easy typing experience even if you have fat fingers like myself, and the trackpad is a pleasure to use." Asus Netbook Computing : Cruising the World with the Asus EEE PC 1000HE @ Tweaknews

OC Contest Done Right: MSI MOA 2009 EU Finals

Last weekend, Madshrimps took the plane to Munich to observe the European finals of the MSI Overclocking Arena 2009 competition. Instead of participating in the competition, our local OC Guru Massman crept behind the camera and reports from the EU Finals with scores, OC tips and lots of pictures! http://www.madshrimps.be/gotoartik.php?articID=944

ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim Sound Card @ Benchmark Reviews

You don't have to be an audiophile to appreciate the enhanced surround sound effects from Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio found on most Blu-ray Disc movie discs over the standard Dolby Digital or DTS formats found on standard DVD movie discs. The lossless audio compression formats and/or the two extra channels of sound output really adds a significant amount of realism to the whole movie watching experience. The problem is most HTPC owners don't have the ability to experience these enhanced formats due to a lack of sound cards on the market that can support these formats. Benchmarkreviews has the ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim sound card that does just that. Benchmark Reviews have put it through a series of tests and have determined whether HTPC owners can rejoice or not. ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim Sound Card @ Benchmark Reviews

Lexar Media Announces Next Generation Crucial Solid-State Drive Products

M225internal2_5-inchSSD_256Fremont, CA, and Glasgow, UK, July 20, 2009 — Lexar Media, a leading global provider of memory products for digital media, today announced its revved-up line of Crucial solid-state drive (SSD) products — the fastest, highest capacity Crucial SSDs to date. The most dramatic change in this new generation of Crucial SSDs is the blazing-fast read and write speeds. The flagship 256GB Crucial M225 SSD screams at an impressive 250MB/sec read speed and a 200MB/sec write speed. The new Crucial SSDs enhance system performance by improving operating system boot and application load times. They also utilize a SATA 2.0 (3Gb/s) interface and feature MLC NAND flash components housed in an industry standard 2.5-inch drive enclosure, making a Crucial M225 SSD easy to install. "By upgrading their system with a solid-state drive, mobile computer users will enjoy a faster, more rugged system with storage built for mobility. The fact that SSDs don't have any moving parts makes Crucial solid-state drives quieter, cooler, and more durable than traditional hard drives," said Robert Wheadon, Lexar Media's senior worldwide product marketing manager.

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Launch of “Armor”—HDD Cooler

Taipei, Taiwan—2009—Evercool Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan manufacturer in Taiwan. Today, EVERCOOL would like to one HDD cooler named “Armor”. People pay more and more attention on computer cooling nowadays. Therefore, not only for CPU coolers and NB cooling pads, but for hard disc cooler, Evercool is also going to launch one HDD cooler named “Armor”, which can be compatible with 5.25” hard disc. Although the space of Armor is small, the real capacity is not small. Armor converts the dual 5.25” drive bays into a three 3.5” H.D.D.. 8cm fan with two ball bearing makes fan’s life get longer. In addition, the meshed and fashionable design is like the protected armor and increases the air convection to make the greater cooling effect. To consider the inconvenience and problems of fan cleaning, the filter is designed to a dismantled one, so that users can clean or exchange the filter to keep its inside clean easily and filter the dust effectively that is a convenient design and considerate feature. Moreover, the other advantage of Armor is shock absorption design. The four rubber spacers at the bottom can absorb the shock, protect the hard disc and reduce the damage of hard disc from shock. “Armor” HDD cooler is available in July 2009. For further product information, please visit: www.evercool.con.tw.

SilverStone’s dream PSU, the Strider ST1500, helps to set new benchmark record

July 17, 2009 [Taipei, Taiwan] SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd., one of the leaders in consumer PC power supplies, proudly announces the spectacular achievements of the EVGA overclocking team, led by Kingpin and Shamino, two of the most prolific overclockers in the world in breaking all existing 3DMark records.  The world record runs were made on June 27, 2009 with a pair of NVIDIA GeForce GTX295 and an Intel Xeon W3540 CPU.  The CPU was super cooled by the use liquid helium to around 240°C which enabled an incredible overclock of 5.069GHz from the default speed of 2.39GHz.  To cope with this massive increase in power draw from the overclocked CPU and system, Kingpin and Shamino relied on SilverStone’s OP1200 and the newly release Strider ST1500 power supplies.


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Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews

Last month, we took a look at AMD's new mainstream processor: the Athlon II 250. We were impressed with both performance and cost. Today, Benchmark Reviews looks at an equally impressive motherboard: the Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P. Based on AMD's 770 series chipset, the MA770T-UD3P is one of the first mainstream motherboards to offer full support for AM3 processors and DDR3 memory. Throw in Gigabyte's Ultra Durable 3 manufacturing process and price tag of only $80, and it's easy to see why this board is quickly becoming a budget-build favorite. Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews

Super Talent MasterDrive SX SAM28GM25S 128GB SSD Review at CCE Reviews

The MasterDrive SX is one of the latest offerings by Super Talent. Using a Samsung controller, Super Talent is relying on proven technology to bring the best to your PC. The 128MB of DRAM cache offers some of the fastest random access rates and transfer times I've seen. The sequential speeds are in the 200MB/s range and show little difference whether the drive is brand new or completely full. If I had to nitpick the drive and find a flaw, it would be the short 1 year warranty Super Talent is offering where other manufacturers are up in the 10 year mark. Despite that, Super Talent has a winner on their hands. Super Talent MasterDrive SX SAM28GM25S 128GB SSD Review at CCE Reviews

iPopperz Fashion Earbud Headphones Review @ Tweaknews

"Sometimes, quality and good looks don’t come hand in hand. However, after spending some time with the iPopperz earbuds I can say that’s not the case. They are a nice upgrade from the set that comes bundled with iPods and other media players. You have your choice of several different colorful designs and don’t have to give up good sound quality in order to add some style to your digital life." iPopperz Fashion Earbud Headphones Review @ Tweaknews

Asus Rampage Gene II Review - An Extreme 2 On A Diet? @ Madshrimps

We got the MicroATX Asus Rampage Gene II on the test bench. Does this PCB shrink mean it doesn't have the full package on board? Is it really worth cashing out for its bigger brother, the Rampage Extreme II? Some questions that many users would like to see answered in this not so usual motherboard review. Most of you have seen a zillion of photos/reviews already of this piece of art. Madshrimps will take a light approach on its features, but dedicates a few more pages to focus on performance and overclocking! Asus Rampage Gene II Review - An Extreme 2 On A Diet? @ Madshrimps

Sunbeam SATA-IDE-USB Adapter @ Benchmark Reviews

If you have a lot of spare hard drives laying around that you want to see if they work and what they contain, but dont want to take the effort to install them in your desktop, Sunbeamtech has a solution for you.  This device is also a perfect fit for an IT person to use as a data recovery tool.  The device I am referring to is the SATA and IDE to USB Adapter.  Benchmark Reviews is pleased to give you a closer look at this device, and just what we can expect from a tool like this.  It boasts USB 2.0 high-speed tranfer rates, and the ability to access files on drives both 2.5" and 3.5" in size.  So, if you are an IT professional, or just someone who has a lot of spare drives laying around that you want to see what is on them, check out this product from Sunbeamtech, and the review from Benchmark Reviews. Sunbeam SATA-IDE-USB Adapter @ Benchmark Reviews

Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Water-Cooling Kit Review @ Madshrimps

Corsair gets their feet wet again, after close to 3 years they have introduced another water cooling product, the previous one being the Nautilus 500 back in 2006. This time around they’ve also opted for an all-in-one kit, but build inside the case, fitted onto the exhaust fan, a case with 120mm exhaust is a requirement, a large wallet is not! The Corsair H50 will be introduced at price of ~€/$70 which is pretty much on par with high end air cooled heatsinks out there! So can an all-in-one kit impress us? Let's find out! Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Water-Cooling Kit Review @ Madshrimps

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