ASUS P5Q3 LGA775 Intel P45 @ Benchmark Reviews

Launched last summer by Intel, the P45 chipset has quickly grown in popularity, replacing the aging P35 chipset. Intended for a mid to upper mainstream consumer base, the P45 chipset boasts some impressive features, such as: full DDR2/DDR3 support, 20 PCI Express 2.0 lanes, ATI Crossfire support, and a 65nm manufacturing process. By now manufacturers have had ample time to design and refine their P45 based motherboards and today Benchmark Reviews takes a look at ASUS' mainstream P45 DDR3 motherboard: the P5Q3. As a twist on our usual motherboard reviews, this article will also shed some light on the growing DDR2 vs DDR3 debate with some hard numbers in the benchmark sections. Click here to read more

GELID Solutions GC-1 Thermal Compound @ Overclockers Online

Arctic Silver 5 has long been hailed as the king of thermal compounds but it seems the king is finally dead. The GELID GC-1 trumps the AS5 in a couple of aspects. Letting the temperatures speak for themselves, the GC-1 does a much better job at conducting heat (or maybe, not impeding it as much). There is a caveat here, however, as the "delta" temperatures were somewhat close. With that said, the GC-1 did have a smaller "delta" between the idle and load temperatures in every test. Click to read more

Thermaltake announce New Brand, "LUXA2", stepping into New Luxury industries

Thermaltake, the leader in PC DIY market, has expended its illustrious trendsetting characteristic and industrial design expertise in the gaming and enthusiast market into the rapid growing luxury consumer market with the creation of LUXA2 division. LUXA2, a Division of Thermaltake, was created in 2009, with characteristics of simplicity, luxury, and unique lifestyle. The core design theory of LUXA2 start from simple shapes blending with luxury elements, which create the unique lifestyle for different segments within the society such as Creative Pro, Mobile Blogger, Leisure Seeker, Hip Newbie and Entertainment junkie. LUXA2 represent an emerging trend of "individuality" in the world; people are not only in need of functions, but also aesthetic appeal. This is what LUXA2 has achieved. Exquisite craftsmanship with aesthetic and elegant design style is a promise and a commitment from LUXA2. Thus, the Simplicity, Luxury, Lifestyle of LUXA2 creates a Uniquely You. With Thermaltake's consumer insight and LUXA2's inimitableness, target users will be able to have a simple, luxury lifestyle anywhere they go; a " Uniquely You" experience made possible with Thermaltake and LUXA2. Visit the new site to check out their upcoming products!!

Lian Li launches PC-V351 HTPC Chassis

pc-v351-s-lanoc-reviews-small20 February 2009, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-V351 desktop HTPC Chassis. The all aluminum design features dual front mounted 120mm@1000RPM fans, with an additional rear mounted 80mm extraction fan@1200RPM. The front fans have special anti-vibration grommets to prevent noise. The sleek brushed aluminum chassis comes in three colors, namely black, silver and red according to your needs. The dimensions stand at 279mm x 262mm x 373mm (W,H,D). The chassis is imbued with all the functional and user friendly design aspects users have come to expect in a Lian Li case.

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OCZ Vertex 120GB SATA SSD OCZSSD2-1VTX120G @ Benchmark Reviews

Lower power consumption and heat output are the least impressive benefits of Solid State Drives. The real payoff is in the practically instant response time and high-performance throughput. Once SSDs could outperform their HDD counterpart, it was all about price and capacity. Adding up to 64MB of Elpida DRAM to the buffer has permanently solved stuttering problems, making raw performance the last bottleneck. An Indilinx 'Barefoot' internal controller commands the bank of Samsung K9HCG08U1M DRAM modules, allowing the OCZ Vertex Series SSD to offer an impressive capacity with unmatched performance. Benchmark Reviews tests the reaction time and bandwidth performance for the OCZSSD2-1VTX120G against over two dozen other products in this article. Click to read more

Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384 CPU Cooler @ Benchmark Reviews

Overclockers are always looking for the best CPU cooler made, and Benchmark Reviews has taken a new approach to determining this for them in every Cooling article we publish. Most enthusiasts are already very familiar with the Vendetta 2, TRUE, and HDT-S1283, but the landscape is going to change with the Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384 CPU cooler. Benchmark Reviews compares the top coolers using the Yate Loon D12SH-12 and Kaze SlipStream 120 on an overclocked and over-volted Intel Core i7-920 Processor. Click to read more

Tuniq Potency 650W Power Supply @ Bigbruin

The Tuniq Potency 650W power supply is a no nonsense unit that will get the job done on a basic computer system without wasting your money on bells and whistles. It has decent features and specifications, was able to power the test configuration without issue, and it remains cool and quiet during operation. Click here to read more

OCZ 6GB Triple-Channel 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory Kit @ Benchmark Reviews

System memory is one of the most over-looked hardware components in computer systems, and with applications demanding greater memory overhead it is best to use as much memory as allowed. But not all memory is made the same; and even memory of the same speed can have different consumer targets. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the performance of an entry-level triple-channel product for the Intel Core i7 platform. The OCZ 6GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory kit OCZ3P1333LV6GK will be compared against several other products and benchmarked for bandwidth and gaming performance. Are the higher speeds worth the money, or can this memory kit overclock to their level? Click here to read more

Alfa 500mW 802.11g USB 2.0 Adapter @

"WiFi has become almost as ubiquitous as the iPod and in doing so has developed into a common technology we come to expect in our day-to-day lives. However, as with other common technologies there has been little attempt at catering to non-mainstream consumers or creating truly unique products (wireless frequency improvements aside). Alfa Network, a relative newcomer, has decided to introduce a truly unique product within the flooded networking market, the Alfa "AWUS036H" or 802.11g USB 2.0 Adapter." Click to read more

ATP EarthDrive 4GB USB Flash Drive @ Overclockers Online

Often, when a product is marketed for a certain special feature, it suffers in other aspects. The ATP EarthDrive is not one of those products. In addition to being the world's first recyclable USB drive, it also performs well. With read speeds just shy of 30 MB/s and write speeds of 10 MB/s, the EarthDrive is similar to other USB drives we've reviewed in the past. Its small size also makes it easy to work with. Also, it's waterproof! Click to read more

Cooler Master Silent Pro M 500W Power Supply@ Overclockers Online

Cooler Master's Silent Pro M is quite a different product, I would not go as far as to say it is unique, but it does target quite a different audience than the majority of the power supplies we have taken a look at. The Silent Pro M is definitely not the power supply for multiple graphic card systems, but for the typical high end system, or even small form factor media setups, the Silent Pro M is a great choice. Click to read more

The ‘I Need A New Phone’ Contest by TestFreaks

windowslivewritera420a63e082c-96c9dscf4432-thumb-1Our friends from TestFreaks have started today their first official contest. They have four phones to give away along with a couple other things. Things you’ll need to do to win: 1. Tell in at least 200 words ‘Why you hate your current phone’ 2. Tell in at least 200 words ‘Why you want a new phone’ 3. Tell in at least 200 words ‘Why you want a particular phone’ 4. Do a video telling one of those things, at least 30 seconds in length 5. Do something creative on video to an old phone, smash it, destroy it, run it over etc Basic rules: -Must be 18 years of age to enter -Must be US Resident -Contest runs for February 15th 2009 until March 15th 2009 -Must be on the network to use to the phone of your choosing -Entries will be judged by TestFreaks, Samsung and Pantech based on originality, creativity and humor! -Have fun with it! Read on to learn more…

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition CPU @ Benchmark Reviews

Nearly every enthusiast who has overclocked a computer system has wished that processors weren't restricting them from the hobby they love. Even I can still recall the good old days (less than four years ago) before Intel and AMD locked the clock multiplier on their processors and overclocking was a combination of factors and no limited to the stability of a motherboard. Intel believes that their Core i7-965 Extreme Edition (EE) processor series is worth the $1000 price tag, but AMD begs to differ. Perhaps the timing is right then, and consumers won't hastily spend unnecessary cash on an expensive unlocked processor when AMD offers their Black Edition Phenom II X4 940 CPU for just $220. Benchmark Reviews compares the field, and tests the X4 940BE HDZ940XCGIBOX against the Intel Core i7-920. Click to read more

OCZ Gold Series SDHC 8GB @ Overclockers Online

OCZ wasn't going to let us down with a sub-par memory card, and they didn't. The OCZ Gold Series SDHC card exceeded the claimed expectations of a Class 6 memory card. We peaked out at 11.5MB/s write and 20MB/s read. These numbers are similar to the original OCZ Class 6 SDHC card, but it does have a slight advantage from the tests I've done Click to read more

Snow Rally City Stage for Android @ review stash

The T-Mobile G1 helped introduce what could possibly be the most explosive handheld operating system for developers - Google's Android platform; promising OpenGL graphics, full open-source development, and high customizability. However, we have not yet seen the release of T-Mobile's fully paid Market making developers shy away from releasing high-quality applications. Handango and developer OmniG Software have decided to circumvent this by releasing games without using T-Mobile's Market application - the first being Snow Rally City Stage. Click to read more

AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE Black Edition AM3 CPU @ Benchmark Reviews

Three is a number not normally associated with processors, although it's actually gaining momentum thanks to Intel's triple-channel memory architecture that caters to the 3GB sweet-spot for Windows XP. Dispite this, a triple-core processor just doesn't seem natural to many of us, because we're so used to seeing everything come in twos. But three isn't a bad thing at all, because AMD's Phenom II X3 720 BE processor is actually quite good. Benchmark Reviews compares the 2.8GHz Black Edition AM3/AM2+ CPU against the Intel Core i7-920 and other AMD processors. You might be surprised by how well the odd man out can fit in. Click to read more

Lian Li PC-C36 Muse @ Bigbruin

The Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC case is a very well made case that has a lot of nice features. Its brushed black anodized aluminum construction is not only clean and elegant, it looks at home in the typical home entertainment center. It's clear Lian Li never intended this case to house one of the more powerful graphics cards, but that's not really an issue in the HTPC market segment. Click to read more

AMD Phenom II X4 810 AM3/AM2+ Processor @ Benchmark Reviews

The Dragon platform is AMDs last hope for success in a time when financial ruin is destroying every business on the planet. Perhaps the timing is right then, and consumers won't hastily spend uneccessary cash on a Core i7 processor that performs exactly the same as a much less expensive Phenom II CPU. Benchmark Reviews compares the field, and tests the AMD Phenom II X4 810 AM3/AM2+ CPU against the Intel Core i7 940. One costs over $100 more than the other, and you would be surprised by what you aren't getting for the extra money. Click to read more

GELID Silent Spirit @ Overclockers Online

With its four heatpipes and excellent design, the performance is great and it really is silent! I especially liked the fact that the base had fins of its own; this way, not everything is dependent on the heatpipes. Installation was extremely easy due to the push-pin type mounting technique. Also, the cooler's low weight and small size made it a pleasure to work with. Click to read more

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