Welcome to the wonderful day of Gaming News also known as Wednesday. With a sore back and F3AR out today its sure to be one helluva ride. Lets OC this!

Midweek Madness:

This weeks sale has two games, that seems to be a recurring theme with Steam the last couple of weeks. Pick up both games for some huge savings. Quantum Of Solace has my vote. The minds over at Treyarch put this game together in 2008. Solace is on sale for $6.80 a savings of 66%.

007 Blood Stone was the last game to come out of Bizarre Creations before Activision shut them down. You will remember them from The Club, Geometry Wars and the great racing game BLUR. For some odd reason Activision thought that they should shut their doors. Blood Stone is on sale for $13.60 also a savings of 66%.

Both game prices are good until Thursday until 7pm EST.


Oh the FEAR games how I love you. At first you were just a spooky FPS with great A.I. and sloppy mechanics. Next you were a crazy over the top gore fest with improved mechanics and shooting, with the same great A.I.. Now your a game that just crashes to the desktop, lol. I would really like to say something good here but a game that keeps crashing is not a good one. Sure, I could look around the internet and find a way to fix it but i'm a lazy PC gamer. Games should just work, end of story. Now I know that playing on three monitors is not the norm and this game doesn't support it but gesh. If I pay for a game that crashes to the desktop I feel ripped off, just like anyone would. So that is where i'll end it. It's fun so far with probably the most BAD ASS looking shotgun in an FPS that I have ever seen. But until there is a fix, it's a no go. Sad really, FEAR is one of my favorite titles. It doesn't get the notoriety that other FPS games get and I think that is why I like it. Also the words used in the game also make sense. It's not just endless F Bombs thrown around. There used in a way that actually makes sense. You flank an A.I. character? You might hear "OH SHIT" maybe something different. I can recall in the FEAR Extraction Point DLC you were in a subway station and the guy yells "FUCK EMMMMM, THEIR COMING UP". Stuff like that makes sense. Look, were all mature adults but sometimes its nice to hear cussing that actually adds to the story and doesn't take away from it. Still, until this game is fixed, it's a no go. Once it is fixed i'll post up some screenshots and how it ran. I wonder if I can get Nvidia Surround to work, we will see.

Left Field:

I am still working on Duke Nukem but its taking longer than expected. I should have it done this week. Other than that search Youtube for Old Battlefield Player. It's a great video that I found over at [H]ardOCP, thanks guys.

Still hoping that F3AR works out here soon.

I know its been a short Gaming News but my back is killing me. 

Until next week, Wingless is out!
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