Oh good lord, Duke Nukem has been released! E3 was last week and we have free MMO's on Steam? That's right folks, it's Wednesday and that means, Gaming News, lets rock.
Free MMO's On Steam:

Five, count them, five free MMO's are now on Steam for your playing goodness. I would recommend Global Agenda as I have some hours in the game and it's a good twist on a traditional MMO. Regardless, download all five of them and try each of them out. What have you got to lose? HDD space? Bandwith cap? Forget it. Try them out now. Free is free and you can't beat that.

Midweek Madness:

This week's Midweek Madness game is Darkspore. While we are all waiting in limbo for Diablo 3, do yourself a favor and check out Maxis's Action RPG. I have put some time into it on the LanBox and it runs great. The combat is rewarding and there is tons of loot to pickup. The upgrade system is pretty easy to figure out and jumping in the multiplayer couldn't be easier. If there was ever a time to pick it up, now would be that time. Like always, the Midweek Madness deal ends on Thursday at 7pm EST.

Steam Daily Deals List:

I would like to send a huge "Thanks" out to Lesar for maintaining this thread. Keeping this thread up to date isn't the easiest thing to do. Each day check that thread to find out what the daily deal game is. Lets be honest here. Some of the games that Valve puts up there I would stay far away from. Other ones? I would pick up without a question. Do yourself a favor and check the metacritic score and download the demo if possible. Then again, if your paying $2.50 for a game and it sucks you're not out that much cash.

Left Field:

I'm working on a review for a stock trading PC that I upgraded for a close friend of mine. Most of you know me by name and some of you even know me by my face so when I say that i'm a Corsair fan you know that I wouldn't be lying. Here in lies the problem. When you get to that point with a company you almost become obssessed with them. Parts could go haywire and you would just brush it off. Let me state this first. I think that Corsair has made a great name for themselves in the PC world. They make great products that push the boundries with ease of installation and peice of mind. That said I have absolutely had it with their RAM department. Over numerous builds that I have done and upgrades that I have done to my own systems I would always recommend them as the "Premier" RAM company. That has now changed cause I have seen the "light" so to say. Talking with "Wes" we counted up how many RMA's I have done with Corsair and the number was staggering. All told I counted six times that I have bought RAM from them that needed to be replaced. It's come to a point where I would say that I would need to order two kits of RAM just to be safe and not have my PC down while the RMA process went about it's buisness. It almost seems that they don't check their RAM before it leaves the doors or they just have bad quality control. Another possiblity is that I have just extremly bad luck with their RAM. Not sure what the case is but I have finally changed my mind on them. Hopefully they can change this but the only real "tell all" will be to order more RAM from them and hope I get a good kit. At this point i'm just not sure if that's really worth the time and effort. As is everything in life, make your own choices. 

Duke Nukem Forever:

So the game that was once said "will never see the light of day" has been released. First and foremost. I have had very little time with this game. Hell, its only been out for 24 hours. That said, I have run into a couple of things that I would like to share. First, the game is just getting hammered by reviewers. Everyone knows that I don't review games in Gaming News. It's a "News" update for the week. It would be safe to say that if you like the Serious Sam games then you should like Duke Nukem. I can't even remember playing Duke Nukem 3D it was so long ago. There is one point in the game that you take control of an R/C car that I thought was awesome. It reminded me of the R/C cars at Kings Island or Cedar Point when I was younger. I plan on beating the game here soon but this was more of a "Hey, its out" kinda thing. If you like over the top Duke Nukem is your dude.

E3 was great. I couldn't stop laughing at the Sony press conference when they said "we'll be partnering with AT&T for out 3G service". You could hear the loud boo's in the crowd.  Nintendo really stole the show with the Wii U announcement. Should be fun to mess around with. Microsoft on the other hand had Kinect games.

Thats all for Gaming News this week LanOC. 

I should have that stock trading computer write up here soon. I think you guys/gals will really enjoy it. We need real time stats not high FPS. That is what it's all about with them.

Thanks y'all and have a good week. Wingless is out!
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